Thursday, January 17, 2013

Social Backgammon On Facebook - A True Innovation

Everybody loves backgammon sessions; at least the ones that are familiar with the game. In the previous ten years , online backgammon has become incredibly popular however, it has lost a lot of its pleasant, personal character for the sake of convenience. Many backgammon sites that provide great functioning, unique elements and excellent visuals, include some sort of fee or risk. Financial risks usually push the amatuer users away, although they may enhance the thrill of professional players. Currently, with the development of social backgammon apps, things are about to evolve.

Social backgammon games take us back to the wonderful old days , where backgammon games were a recreation activity that individuals shared with friends and family members. The main innovation of those apps, alongside the many interesting features included in the game, is the continuity. It is a never ending game. Visitors do not play a match versus the computer or a random, faceless opponent. Social backgammon allows people to play vs their own acquaintances or versus new companions they encounter through the app. In social backgammon, all winnings and successes are accumulated, stored and illustrated in charts and various leader-boards.

Social backgammon offers you the chance to boost and encourage friends by giving them free gifts. The game stimulates enthusiasm and competitive feeling by employing a ranking system and game tokens .

The social backgammon on Facebook utilizes the attractive network to create a real interaction among the community members. The transparency of information and the personal connections tying the players together in the real world enhance the players' motivation.

The best social backgammon apps provide many advantages and features including bonuses, prizes, additional tools and different leader-boards. They mimic the sound and layout of a concrete backgammon board, and most important, social backgammon can be played at any moment and anywhere versus real people.

Therefore, if you enjoy playing backgammon and want to play it against friends; if you hope other players could observe your progression and abilities; than social backgammon is most certainly the Facebook application for you. Signed up with a social backgammon application on Facebook and invite your friends so they will be able to share the pleasure with you.

PlayGem is a social backgammon application on Facebook. PlayGem offers high quality design, user-friendly interface and great performance. It enables players to compete their friends or meet new backgammon fans; it allows people to share gifts and promote their achievements. The app includes many features like leader-boards, bonuses and attentive support. Join PlayGem at:

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