Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Effectively Using Daily Deals Websites - Top Tips

Daily deals websites have been saving consumers money for a few years now. Most people have 2-3 great sites in their favourites list, ready to log onto at any moment when they want to save money. The sites will vary in what they offer. For example, some might offer lowest unique bid auctions for their daily deals, with discounts of 90% and more! Others might offer a daily newsletter that the consumer needs to sign up to, full of products and service in their local area with 50% discount or more! Of course, there are also the coupon websites that offer around 10% discounts for orders on ecommerce retail stores. The question is; how do consumers use these daily deals websites effectively?

#1 Writing a list
The internet can be overwhelming. Discounts here, information there; it is a lot to take in! It is extremely easy to get lost when searching around the internet. For that reason, at the start of every month, write a list of products and services that are going to be needed or wanted. When a newsletter comes in, or the consumer logs onto a site, they can quickly scan their list and see if any of the offers match any of the items that they need. This might seem fairly simple, but it will save people a lot of time. Searching around these sites aimlessly can take hours on end and generally, the end result is that people have either wasted money on an impulse purchase, or found nothing of interest.

#2 Create a budget
This is especially important for daily deals websites that offer auctions to people that log on. The reality is that it is easy to lose track of what items are worth and the potential maximum bid. By creating a budget per item, on the list mentioned above, consumers will always know what they should be paying. Obviously if they are paying over their anticipated budget for an item, there needs to be a good reason, not just because they got into a bidding war and they really wanted to win the auction!

#3 Be ready!
The biggest mistake most people make is that they do not have a budget set aside in terms of actually buying items. Sure, they know the maximum price they are willing to pay, based on tip number two above. What they have not done is actually put that cash to one side, ready for when the deal hits their screen. Depending on the type of site, the deal might only be on offer for 24 hours, but sometimes up to 7 days. This is an incredibly short time scale and for this reason, people need to have cash set aside, so when a deal comes, they have the capacity to actually grab hold of it!

It's time to take advantage! Don't end up being a consumer that pays over the odds for products and services that are needed. There are plenty of options to get almost everything you need at a discounted price. Imagine averaging a discount of 30% on all the things that are purchased every year, this could equate to thousands of pounds in savings.

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