Saturday, December 15, 2012

Why Jobs Are Gone Forever

I'm a judgment broker that writes a lot. The internet's structure is only technology. Technology and the internet have blended with human actions and activity in an amazingly quick and complete way, which vastly surpasses the impact of the historical industrial and mechanical revolutions. Everything is blending together: Networks and computers, digital and analog, work and play, the people using or watching the network, and the network itself.

Technology increases the functionality and efficiency of most things. We usually read that our answer to long term unemployment is retraining and educating the work force. Education may help the individual, however as efficiency is improved by technology, there's simply less (actually required) work to do.

As individuals, we should train prepare for our future. Yet, there's simply fewer folks needed to keep the world going. Everything which could become automated is now getting automated. In an exponentially increasing number of circumstances, there's no longer any requirement to have a person working.

Live services using a phone service or the internet, used to require hiring people. Many such services have already, or are now becoming totally automated. One small exception might be Amazon's Turk, where humans do small jobs for tiny pay. Services such as ChaCha, that formerly specialized in live human responses, are now getting totally automated. A lot of phone call-related employment is disappearing too.

The standard forty-hour work week is becoming less popular. Many folks are currently working much longer hours (exempt) or far less hours (part-time). Whole fields of employment are disappearing, and there's nothing which will change this, because that is what technology does. Technology can't be stopped without unplugging, and it's too late for that.

Certain jobs, for example those related to prisons and law enforcement, and defense, food, shelter, medicine, clothing, information, and delivery services, will always be around; although the future holds lower incomes for the average person.

Now and in the future, there will always be a lot less employment opportunities for people. No kind of schooling or training can change that. There appears to be sufficient products ad services to support everyone, although a certain amount of wealth is required to get access to it. The answer might be to invent new work for people to do. Some of our current ways aren't ideal, for example prisons, wars, and our enforcement of laws against victimless crimes.

We must find a new idea to replace employment. Technology is fantastic and wonderful, although it kills employment fast. Technology will be a part of all new solutions, and new ideas are needed. Legalizing hemp would be a good idea because it could cut down our requirement to import oil and could create many jobs. Young people creating Apps generates a tiny income for most of people.

People must have food, a place to live, medical care, and entertainment; and some new ideas are required to allow folks access such basic needs. If no employment is out there, then there needs to be some other way for folks to either earn money, or get what's needed need at no cost.

The current system of welfare is not the answer. Requiring people to work at some task to survive and/or thrive is a noble goal, although the definition of "something" needs to be adjusted to acknowledge the loss of most jobs.

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