Saturday, December 29, 2012

Why Choosing Smaller Auction Sites Is A Great Idea!

It is natural for the majority of us to always go with a main stream supplier, or one of the leaders in an industry. A lot of people feel like the quality is going to better, for what ever they are buying. They also expect the customer service to be much better. One thing that we do not necessarily expect is to get the best deal, but this can be overlooked on occasions due to the pure quality of what is on offer.

The big firms
Nowadays, especially with auction sites; the larger corporations are not what they used to be. Try and process a claim against a seller; good luck with that! Try and get a response from customer service; good luck with that! Each bidder on huge auction websites is just another customer and they will answer us, when they see fit. The problem with this is that lots of money is involved. When we ask basic questions, we get basic answers. These companies spend so much on marketing that we easily trust them, this means we automatically go along with the way that they work!

Smaller firms
It could be argued that smaller auction sites take a much more honest approach. Why? This is simply because they do not have millions of pounds to hook us into their website. The only way they can get us interested is by offering what we have always wanted. All consumers want great customer service, great value for money and overall, a pleasant experience. With a small firm they are more likely to care about each and every one of their customers, it makes good sense when you think about it.

Bidding wars
Ever been in a bidding war on a major auction website? The likelihood is that most of us have and most of us have been victim to the last minute moment of being outbid; which can be extremely annoying. This tends to happen a lot more on the bigger auction sites. This is simply because there are more people online, more people watching auctions and more people prepared to bid. In fact, on many occasions, people will bid well above the retail value of the items, simply because they get caught up in the moment. This is why the likes of major auction sites are no longer the best places to go in order to get the best deals.

So, what are the other options that are available?
Now is the time for a bit of change when it comes to online bidding! More and more people are now utilising the power of lowest unique bid websites. These firms tend to be a lot smaller, with 50 employees or less, which means they genuinely care about each one of their customers. The great thing about this is that there are some great chances to save lots of cash. The opportunity to save around 90% is fairly easy to come by on many lowest unique bidding websites, which can represent hundreds or thousands of pounds for the average bidder!

You can get huge savings on the BidGrid auction site because it's the lowest unique bid wins every auction. They also have free practice auctions which are a great way to understand how everything works

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