Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Send Gifts Safely Through Online Shopping

The World Wide Web has turned into the most convenient shopping mall in the recent years. It is easy to obtain any item you want and have it delivered to your doorstep. You can even send gifts to any other place around the world. This article talks about some tips on becoming a safe shopper on the web.

Look for Trusted Merchants

1. It is important to choose from sites which are guaranteed to be credible and trustworthy.
2. Secure websites are often equipped with the latest encryption technology to be able to connect the information you provide from your computer to the one that your online merchant owns. This protects you by scrambling the personal data you provide, such as your credit card numbers, so that hackers would not be able to gain access to it along the way. The only ones who can unscramble these data are those with the authorized access passwords.
3. A secure website can be spotted by checking its address. It is identified by spotting the "s" after the "http". In other words, it should appear as "https://" in the first part. You may also look for the closed padlock button at the lower margin of your screen or an image of an unbroken key.
4. Another way of knowing your sellers is by looking at their business service ratings. Most search engine sites have pages that display a list of merchants along with their equivalent customer ratings.
5. Reliable companies would often freely post their physical business address and contact details. Try calling one number to see whether they could entertain you.

Protect Your Privacy

1. All reputable sellers present their privacy policies. Going through this allows you to know what kind of info will they be collecting and how will it be utilized.
2. Only provide the necessary data needed for the sale such as your name, shipping address, email, phone number, and credit card numbers after confirming the security of the website.
3. The safest way to buy stuff through the net is by having a special credit card reserved for all online transactions. This makes it easier for you to keep track of your purchases and detect fraud charges.

As soon as you have confirmed the details above, you should also look at other buying terms such as their cancellation, return, exchange, and complaint-related policies. Also keep a record of all your electronic transactions for future references. Doing these things allows you to get the things you want and send gifts overseas in the safest way.

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