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Frequently Asked Questions About Chocolate Fountain

A chocolate fountain is definitely something that would add excitement to any party you will have. It is a way of taking desserts in a more fun and creative way. Your guests will surely enjoy your party more with delicious and smooth chocolate coupled with fresh and tropical fruits.

But to make the most out of your chocolate fountain, you need to know some basic things about it. Here are some frequently asked questions about chocolate fountain:

1. How does it work?

A fountain unit is composed of two basic parts: the fountain unit which has the auger and the heater base which has the basin that holds the chocolate liquid. The heater must be preheated at about 15 minutes prior to use and the chocolate that is pre-melted is poured into the basin. Once the auger is turned on, the chocolate will start flowing. However, if you put in chocolate that is not pre-melted, it will take about 30-40 minutes before the chocolate starts flowing from the fountain.

2. How does the liquid chocolate reach the top of the fountain?

A stainless steel corkscrew that is specially designed is placed inside the unit which rotates and basically transports the chocolate from the base basin to the bowl on top. When the top bowl is full, the melted chocolate will overflow and cascade down the fountain unit back into the base basin. Some chocolate fountain units do not make use of a pump which gives them a longer life expectancy.

3. How do I pre-melt the chocolate?

There are actually three methods of melting chocolate: inside the chocolate fountain itself (which takes 30-45 minutes), on the top of a burner in a double boiler, and inside a microwave oven with medium heat. The second one is the most efficient and effective process of melting chocolate because you need to stir the chocolate continuously to avoid crystallizing. The temperature also needs to be correct (low fire) to make the liquid chocolate smooth with a nice sheen.

4. How often do I need to replace the chocolate?

You do not need to replace the melted chocolate often as long as its natural color, smell, and viscosity stay the same and therefore considered fresh. However, some important bases of this are the type and volume of use. If the fountain is being used for one-time events such as wedding parties, the unit must be emptied completely and cleaned thoroughly after the event. Reusing the same melted chocolate the following day in another party or gathering is not recommended since the chocolate may be contaminated by bits of cookies, fruits, etc. in an environment that is not controlled.

However, if the fountain is being utilized in a controlled environment such as business office, then based on the volume of chocolate used in a day, the fountain must not have to be emptied or cleaned completely more than once every week. The owner of the business office, the one in charge or his representative must be the one to judge if recycling the chocolate is still ideal. If the chocolate is only intended for aesthetic purposes, then the melted chocolate can be reused over and over again so long as it still has the smoothness, appearance, and smell of chocolate.

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