Tuesday, December 25, 2012

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You lie awake in your baking bed on a hot summer's morning and quenching your thirst is the first and only thing on your mind and you know a hot cup of tea won't quite do the job. The energy it takes to get out of bed doesn't seem the effort and you need an instant pick me up! Although some people believe that hot drinks are better for cooling you down, many people prefer an ice cold beverage on a hot summers day.

Why not try a cool refreshing herbal or green tea to kick starts your day and gives you that energised feeling you so desperately need! Super fruit herbal tea is a perfect summer beverage enjoyed hot or cold, especially cold in the summer months topped up with refreshingly cold ice cubes and fresh summer berries. This herbal tea is perfect for if you are feeling slow in the morning as it is packed full of powerful vitamins and minerals to give you that health kick to get you going.

We all love to enjoy a nice alcoholic beverage and a good old barbeque full of our favourite foods and summer treats, especially as we have limited time to do so! But we soon get to that stage where it starts to take its toll on our body and psychological state. You being to feel sluggish, lethargic and grumpy and all you need is that boost to get you back to feeling your usual self. Peppermint tea, a winner of Great Taste Gold 2012 alongside many of the other fantastic teas available, will help to wipe away the grumpy you and have you feeling fresh as a daisy, or peppermint in this case, in no time!

This beautiful herbal tea, which not only will leave u feeling alive and refreshed, is full of natural antioxidants which work with your body to make you feel that little bit better about those cheeky extra glasses of wine or beer.

For those hot summers nights this tea is perfect iced because of its natural cooling effect, simply add enough water to cover the tea temple, infuse for 3 minutes, top up with ice cold water and garnish with fresh mint leaves and enjoy; fabulous! If peppermint is not quite to your taste there is a wide variety of teas perfect for icing on a hot day, yerba mate, liquorice and mint, the list goes on! Whatever your taste, whatever your mood there is a perfect summer soother out there for you!

Summer nights need a refreshing cup of tea such as peppermint tea or another type of green tea, all of which are available online. For more great tasting teas, visit http://www.teapigs.co.uk today.

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