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Best Tips On How To Apply Eyeshadows for Different Eye Colors

In order to look more beautiful, many people will use makeups. One of the commonly used is the eyeshadow. It is important to use the best procedure in applying the makeup. When answering the question on how to apply eyeshadow, it is good to know the color of the eye so that you follow the best procedures.

Different application type

The type of eyes will matter most in deciding on how to apply eyeshadows. Here are some great ways to do it:

How to apply eyeshadows for brown eyes

To successfully implement application of eyeshadows for brown eyes, one should follow the steps to the letter. First, apply a concealer to the under eye. This helps brightening up the dark parts. Then, sweep light peaches of the eyeshadow beginning at the bone brow to lashes. Make sure you fill the eyelid. This will act as the base for applying eyeshadows. Pick any color attractive from the color palette. The brown eyes can look stunning with any color. Sweep the eyeshadows in the chosen color to cover the eyelid. Although any color could work, we recommend that you use deep green, copper or bronze. Finally tilt the head back for creases to be revealed. Pick dark eyeshadows and line the eyes by sweeping shadows near the lashes. This is the secret to make your eyes look huge. You really can't go wrong with these tips on how to apply eyeshadow on brown eyes.

How to apply eyeshadows for blue eyes

In order to apply eyeshadows for blue eyes, just follow the following steps. First, use warmer color tones. This can be achieved by using soft peaches and taupe colors to contrast blue eyes. Then, apply brown eyeshadows to make the eyes stand out. Brown will contrast the blue eyes making the eyes to pop out. An alternative is to use dark blue to contrast the blue color of the eye to give it a unique look. After that, use deep brown or choose softer black shadows on the eye lids. This will make the eyes to be defined clearly and give one a soft look as compared to the eyeliners. Pick lavender and violet to for a fun nightout. Purple is also great for it. Then apply silver shadows on the creases under the eyelid. This will give you that elegant look you're looking for. Finally use lighter strokes in applying eyeshadows. Apply small quantities using a brush. Add more layers till the color is achieved. These are our recommendations on how to apply eyeshadow for blue eyes.

Applying cream eyeshadows

Here are some great tips on how to apply cream eyeshadows. First, assess the shape of the eyes. It's really the shape that determines the right method. Secondly, make a choice on colors that will complement the skin tone and hair. If you want to look natural, use neutral colors. Pick the most suitable texture to use as eyeshadows. This can be rich lotions, creams and powders. One can choose a formula that will last the whole day. Then, use the right tools for application. It's recommended that you use brushes instead of sponges. Then, apply cream while blending so that it can come out well. Start with a lighter color then use heavier ones. Once you have developed your own method of applying eyeshadows, you will be able to answer any questions you have with regards to eyeshadows.

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