Friday, December 14, 2012

Are You A Bore In Bed?

Bed Room Bore Or Great Lover?

To most men, sex is simply Penetration, leading to Ejaculation, during sexual intercourse. Unfortunately, such a narrow view of sex soon leads to boring sex. It may taste delicious at first, but after a while it ceases to be interesting and your partner may even end up losing the taste for it altogether. A good lover is one who understands that the term sex refers to a range of experiences that one can have with their partner. Sex involves not only the physical act of intercourse, but includes the emotional and psychological.

A good lover also understands that it is not all about his pleasure. There is someone else in the bed and their needs are just as important, if not paramount. Remember, being intimate is actually sex for a woman, therefore touching, kissing and caressing are all part of the whole experience.

What is Foreplay?

The term foreplay usually refers to the touching and kissing that occurs before sexual penetration. However, I like to think of foreplay more as a state of mind than a physical act. There are many enjoyable sexual experiences that do not involve kissing and touching and, as such, anything can be foreplay if you choose to see it that way.

For example doing things like getting dressed up for your partner, doing a strip tease or eating chocolate off each other's bodies as a way to add spice to your sex life, can be viewed as foreplay. There is no limit to the variety you can add to your sexual encounters to make them more memorable and, as long both partners are comfortable, then you should just do what feels natural. All is foreplay!

Forgotten Hot Spots

With regard to physical foreplay, a common mistake is to focus on the sex organs when in fact the body is covered with erogenous zones you may not be aware of. Nibbling the ear lobes, kissing in and around the neck and collar bones, lightly caressing the part of the back that meets the buttocks are just a few example of some of the areas that will give pleasure to your partner when you focus on the whole body.

In addition, dirty talk can be incredibly effective in turning your partner on. Dirty talk can be a little disconcerting if it does not come naturally. One may feel embarrassed or afraid that their partner will find it strange or start laughing and so avoid it. However, as long as you are both in the mood and it is done spontaneously, it can be a great way to add spice to a sexual encounter.

Value the Woman in Your Bed

Finally, remember that sexual stimulation for a woman is not an on/off switch. Just because you are touching her in certain areas, does not necessarily mean you are giving her pleasure. Her needs should come first in this situation and your pleasure a distant second. Before even touching here most private parts, you should prepare here by kissing her, stroking her, caressing her. When she feels relaxed, comforted, and valued by the man in her bed, then she can achieve real sexual satisfaction.

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