Thursday, November 1, 2012

Why Loyalty Management Is Important

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LOYALTY - The word itself has a high regard when it comes to the perspective of an organization and its client or customers.

Being loyal means being committed, building of trust and dependable on a company and what it offers…

Nowadays Customer Loyalty Management has taken priority, wherein more attention is paid to pamper the existing customers and instill their loyalty. Through customer retention sales increases, the customers are familiar with their brands and are willing to explore and try out new products recommended by the company. If the companies nurture their customers, through a well managed relationship they get a flock of people at their behest recommending the company's brand and products.

A Company has to have an interaction with their existing customers or clients in order to get a better picture of their sales prospects. They adopt various methods to relate to their customers like an Event is organized to address them, an effective loyalty program is implemented to reward them and calls are made at regular intervals to be in touch with them. A complete CRM system helps the companies to manage all these things.

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a tool adopted by companies to:

Improve quality and efficiency of a product and to be ahead of their competitors.

Helps to reduce the outflow in marketing costs.

Increase profits.

However, poor planning, integration and management may also lead to dissatisfaction and distress of customers or clients which may affect the business badly. Customers are sensitive when it comes to false claims and miscommunications.

An effective CRM Implementation depends upon proper analysis, strategic planning, delivering good service etc.

A very innovative and thoroughly developed CRM system can overcome the obstacles faced while running an organization.

The main features of an effective CRM system are:

Details of customers & their likes and dislikes.

Effective database management.

Updating the customer profile to follow their latest trends.

CRM system should provide clear and concise presentation.

Rewarding customers.

Privacy and security of data collected.

YES…Loyalty Management has become the key to the success of many banking, service providing and retail industries. A structured marketing effort to ensure that customers are rewarded and therefore encourage sales for the company is the new "mantra" for companies. A strong business reputation has to be maintained over a period of time to be a successful organization and a CRM system always helps.

A customer on the other hand gets a high quality product or service which gives him/her value for their money. A perfect rewarding system, a happy customer and a flourishing organization leads to better provider and seeker chemistry.

A properly managed loyalty program ensures a "win-win" situation for both - the customers & the organization.

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