Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tips For Planning Your Company's Christmas Party

Many employees look forward to the Christmas party each year. It is a way to bring employees closer together and to build a sense of community rather than simply hundreds or thousands of individuals who just happen to be employed by the same company. These tips for planning your company Christmas party will ensure it is a great success and that your employees continue to look forward to it the following year.


Choosing a theme will generate an element of excitement about the event. You should take into consideration popular cultural events and activities you might be able to associate with the theme, as well as the time you plan to host the event. Some companies choose to make the event an elegant evening affair; whereas, other companies wish to keep it more informal. You should also consider your budget and resources when choosing a theme. It may be an amazing idea to recreate a winter wonderland in a warm climate; however, if your budget is minimal and the snow machine costs over half your budget, you might consider an alternative.


Choosing Christmas party venues may be challenging; however, function rooms have the ability to transform your theme into a realistic fantasy. The most important tip pertaining to your Christmas party is to choose your venue as early as possible to ensure you reserve the space you want to make your party a success. You should also consider an alternative venue just in case something goes awry such as if the venue were to double book the space in error.


Serving alcohol is company decision. Some corporate philosophies do not condone drinking; however, others feel it is perfectly acceptable to provide alcohol during the holidays. If you do choose to supply alcohol, you now have to consider if you will provide an open bar, drink tickets, or a cash bar. Many companies choose to provide the alcohol and a few drink tickets for each attendee. Once they use their drink tickets, they are required to purchase their drinks for the remainder of the evening. This typically limits the over-consumption of alcohol to a minimum.

Planning a Christmas party is exciting and stressful. If you follow the tips previously mentioned, your Christmas party will be off to a brilliant beginning. To ensure its success, start planning early and have backup plans in place for the day of the event.

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