Friday, November 2, 2012

The Benefits of a Business Coach

It's a great feeling to help others achieve success in business, but being a business coach is great in itself. Imagine the feeling of earning money by helping out others? Doesn't that sound extremely appealing and rewarding?

Here are some other reasons why it pays to be a business coach:

It is a rewarding and fulfilling career choice. Just the thought that only interested people listen to what you have to say sounds enticing. Being a college professor is a good profession, but students are forced to listen to you no matter if they're interested or not, or if they will be able to use your subject in their future lives. But to be sought out to guide and teach about a subject matter that you know will benefit your audience is a great feeling. You have a captive market in front of you. You help other people get what they want in life - plus they are willing to pay you for it!

You can work everywhere you want, or live anywhere you wish. You don't need to sit in an office 8 hours a day and stare at the same window and people all the time. You may bring clients to a thought-inspiring place or choose to coach them on the phone or computer. No need to pay for office space, or be restricted by geographical boundaries. It's a "portable" job!

Coaching accelerates your own personal and professional development. The best coaches are the ones who are most updated, so in your quest to increase your knowledge, you learn as well. Since you are in an environment that encourages growth, you and your co-coaches learn from each other. There's always something to gain from your association with other people.

Business coaching can potentially yield a high income. Let us not discuss actual figures, but to give you an idea, you can charge per hour, per week or per month from one client - and opt to have as many clients as your schedule can accommodate. This is much better than having one job that has a fixed salary with no option to earn more (unless outside of your regular work hours - which are so restrictive too). Even if you lose one client, you have other clients to help you get by, or you may ask your existing clients to refer you to their friends for new business.

You earn while you learn and may proceed at your own pace. Especially for new coaches, you may coach at your own pace - no one will require that you accomplish a certain number of tasks at a given number of hours. You own your time. As you go on with your coaching, you pick up bits and pieces of added knowledge, so you learn at your own pace, too. But keep in mind that you must not enter into business coaching if you are not armed with the proper knowledge and expertise. If you teach wrong things because you did not take time to fully research on your material - that could be the end of your coaching career. Remember, that one bad experience is enough to nullify dozen of good experiences.

You make a difference in other people's lives. You make yourself happy also in the process. You cannot fully measure how much or how little you contribute to the betterment of your clients' lives, but you will know once you see how successful they have become. Every time you pass by that successful business down the street - of which your coaching has been a major part of - you will feel an extraordinary sense of accomplishment that is immeasurable as well. Their success is your success too.

Now isn't that enough motivation?

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