Thursday, November 1, 2012

Preparing For Your First Trade Show

Exhibiting at your first trade show is an exciting event. Along with making sure you are properly registered and have reserved the right amount of space for your display, there is also the need to make sure you have plenty of printed matter to hand out at the show. You will also want to prepare some special graphics that will add to the visual appeal of your display.

Using Images and Graphics in Your Display

Even if you are planning on doing a simple tabletop display, it is important to combine the right visual elements in that display. One of the more effective ways to accomplish this goal is to order a banner that will stretch across the back of your assigned display area. For the banner printing, consider using a combination of lettering plus some type of graphic image.

One common strategy is to create a banner that features your company logo, the name of the business and the business motto or slogan. By hanging the banner in the space above your display, it will be easier for the trade show attendees to spot your booth and hopefully be motivated to see what you have to offer.

Brochures and Handouts

With your signage in place, turn your attention to printed matter that can be passed out to people who stop by your exhibit. You definitely want brochures that provide an outline of the goods and services your company has to offer. In addition, you may want to have a few handout sheets or pamphlets that identify some of the basic uses for your product line. It also wouldn't hurt to have some sort of handout that includes endorsements from a few of your current clients.

When considering the format for the brochures, keep it simple and convenient for the show attendees. Size is something you want to consider carefully. A brochure that is big and bulky may look very attractive, but no one wants to carry that around a trade show floor. You would do well to consider using a triple fold design that is more compact. A brochure that will fit easily into the breast pocket of a coat is more likely to make it all the way home and be passed around the office.

How About Some Bags?

One way to make a big impression at the trade show is to have your printer prepare small bags, complete with your company logo, slogan and contact information. Make sure the bags have handles, to show attendees can carry them with relative ease. This provides one more way to keep your name in front of prospective customers and increase the chances of earning additional business.

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