Sunday, November 4, 2012

Online Retailers Offer High Quality Kumho Tires At Cut-Rates

Kumho tires began in a small manufacturing plant in Kwangju City during the early 1960's, producing a mere twenty tires a day on average- while Samyang was the initial name, Kumho was adopted during the seventies before the company not only broke the Korean record of over one million tires created in one year, but was new to the market and still survived the international oil crisis of 1974. Kumho proudly boasts many more highlights in the years that followed, like passing the one millionth production mark in the early 90's, earning second place in the 2002 Customer Satisfaction Survey, and most recently winning the 2010 Tire Manufacturing and Design Innovation of the Year Award. For over fifty years now, Kumho has presented top-quality products to consumers, integrating the remarkable qualities that most drivers prefer. Purchasing a set from Kumho is an excellent decision for anyone, however procuring these tires from an online discount retailer is a brilliant choice, as the same great quality is delivered at discounted prices.

The savings and promotions offered by online retailers are unrivaled, presenting customers with rebates, cash back rewards, gift cards, and further incentives for their esteemed patronage. Essential guidelines on maintenance and better care are posted on many such sites as well to prolong the wear life of every purchase. Consumers will discover very valuable information for free, such as proper rotation, how to decipher tire information, how speed and handling affect the life and fuel economy, air pressure, and much more.

Midst all the amazing offers and savings these companies tender, free shipping and mounting are two of the most preferred campaigns by consumers for such excellent savings. A franchise location is not always within a convenient distance of every consumer, so alliances with affiliate garages have been founded to offer discounted mounting for more accommodating services to the customer. Tires can be shipped to any shop the consumer designates as well for more expedient and more efficient service.

Kumho is a specialist in creating countless patents for almost every model and make of vehicle. Original factory tires, high and ultra-high performance, and touring are exceptionally engineered for passenger vehicles. Crossovers, SUV's, and trucks portray the same categories, adding reinforced sidewalls, expert traction, and other features for off-road and heavy duty classes. Cavernous treading and developed casing are implemented into the Kumho tires engineered for commercial transports, improving traction, stability, and excessive weights.

An expansive variety of vehicles are supported by Kumho tires, permitting individuals to discover the perfect set with all the features the desire. When purchasing from an online merchant, sale prices often alternate between models to present clients with the best prices on all lines of product. Click online today to uncover the cheapest pricing for some of the most outstanding tires presently on the highways.

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