Saturday, November 10, 2012

Most Dangerous Jobs in the World

While most people complain about being stuck in an office 9-5, others are risking their lives to make a living. From fishermen in Alaska to miners in Australia to tree surgeon in England there are a lot of very dangerous jobs out there, and the majority pay very little! So next time you have to run errands or grab a coffee for your boss, count yourself lucky!


Ever seen the programme Deadliest Catch? Well, they have one of the most dangerous jobs, hence the name behind the show. Crab Fishing out in Alaska is so dangerous it graces the top of almost every dangerous job list, with a huge 129 fatalities per 100,000 workers!

Tree Logging and Arborist

Being a tree surgeon in England is a surprisingly dangerous job, with weather and machinery both being factors in the 116 fatalities out of 100,000 workers. Of course logging is far more dangerous than tree surgery, but both can be deadly jobs if the right amount of care isn't taken when handling equipment and heavy trees.


Whether it be an ice-road trucker or a normal-road trucker, this job is dangerous. With ice-roads you have the added worry of the road conditions and weather conditions, and with normal roads you have the worry of where the roads are - you might have to drive on very narrow roads on the side of a mountain, or through deep rivers. Plus, tiredness is a huge issue.


Deep sea mining is particularly dangerous, but coal and oil mining are both also pretty dangerous, with coal miners often getting trapped underground and oil miners experiencing fatalities during accidents and explosions.

Taxi Drivers

Think of the thousands of people taxi drivers come into contact with every week, and it's easy to think that they might be in danger from at least a few of them. From criminals panicking and shooting the driver, to car accidents, being a taxi driver is a lot more risky than they get paid for.


Bodyguards put their life on the line every single day of their working lives. Many bodyguards come from a military or secret service background so that they're well equipped to deal with putting themselves in harm's way. Protecting royalty, celebrities and other important public figures means they must always put that person or person's family before themselves, even if it means getting shot in the process.

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