Sunday, November 18, 2012

4 Ways To Ensure A Happy Romantic Getaway

So you fell in love. You went on lots of dates, met each other's friends and you're ready to take the next step. No, not THAT next step. I just mean travelling together! It's a great way to get to know someone better and to get a sense of whether or not you could ever live together. But, sometimes travelling together can give you false hopes, or false bad impressions. So just keep this in mind.

You can choose your mood

There are so many things that can agitate us when travelling. We have to check a bag when we thought we could carry it on. We can't bring in the $8 milkshake we just bought through security. Our flight is late, and so forth. Don't let these things ruin your mood. Always remember, you're lucky! You're in love and you're headed for a vacation! But, if you let your mood drop during the actual travel part, it can be hard to pick it back up again when you arrive at your destination, and then you don't enjoy one another.

Don't shack up

The room is beautiful. The view is breathtaking. The bed is oh so comfy and the room service is divine. But, don't just stay in the room! Then you're missing out on one of the greatest benefits of travelling with a partner: seeing how they handle spur of the moment changes, adventure and new activities. You can lie in bed when you get home.

Criticizing their routine

Okay, so you learn that they put on a face mask every morning and night, or clean their ears obsessively. So what? That's the person that you fell head over heels for. They're no different just because you've learned some of their quirks, so don't let those get to you.

Break out of your routine

Following the above statement, try to break out of your own routine. You don't need to flat iron your hair every day, or wear all the makeup you usually do. You're in a new place you may never return to! Experience it! I once dated a voice coach who could not leave his work at home. He didn't teach singing lessons at our hotel but he did his vocal exercises every morning and every night for almost an hour. I get that it's his job to teach people how to sing but come on! Five days without his routine wouldn't have killed him.

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