Friday, November 2, 2012

3 Tips For Using Youtube For Your Small Business

Video is such a powerful and time-saving tool. Five pages of written content can be relayed easily through a one-minute video. Since video teases both the auditory and visual senses, it is quite an effective tool for marketing your business.

And when searching for any type of reference material, where does one normally go? YouTube's free-to-use and post model and huge, free to register audience makes it a great channel for businesses. On top of that - you can easily embed links to a YouTube post on any other online marketing collateral you are using. The potential of being seen and heard is huge.

But like all marketing collaterals, you must know how to properly use it in order to take advantage of all its benefits. Below are three tips which can help when opting to use YouTube to market your business:

Create your own YouTube channel. When in the business of marketing, branding is important. People must be able to see what seems to be an innocent logo, or color combination, and immediately know that it represents a certain brand. Same is true for YouTube - make the effort of creating your own YouTube channel, then customize it with hints and trademarks reminiscent of your brand. Put a watermark on your videos to identify you with your posted clips. Add relevant information and links, and customize colours to make it truly your own. A channel setup also offers YouTube users the option to subscribe to your content via the click of one button and the option to search just your uploaded content. The channel structure also allows you to highlight just uploads, playlists, favorites or all. Use whatever tools you can use, and think of it as your always-accessible platform for marketing.

Remove offensive comments. As in any form of social media, there will always be those who will post offensive and negative comments just to get you all worked up. Sometimes, their comments can get nasty, bordering on the lines of decency and relevance. It would be good judgment to remove or delete these comments, as leaving them on literally encourages other neutral viewers to post not-so-nice comments also. This is a natural human tendency. Sometimes, fights and arguments ensue, especially if you do have a loyal set of fans. Of course, it won't serve its original purpose if you allow these to happen, so be on top of your channel or videos always. Don't immediately delete all comments which are not to your liking, especially if they are honest opinions and are relevant to your content. Exercise good judgment always, and always keep an open mind towards constructive criticism.

Engage with the YouTube community. The goal of any social media platform is to encourage socialization, so as with Facebook and Twitter, go out and get to know people in the community by watching related videos, commenting, praising good posts and trying to be a familiar name on YouTube. Resist the urge to be holed up in your own channel, not wanting to associate with others. If you don't want to watch other people's similar and related videos, then just go and search for content that interests you. It may be about fashion or makeup, music or self-help videos, or anything about a cause which you are passionate about (like Animal Rescues, etc). Whatever it is, keeping yourself in the loop will enhance your knowledge about YouTube, and will keep you updated on the latest video production trends. Follow the YouTube blog also to keep up with site and community news.

YouTube, when used to its best potential may very well turn out to be your business' secret weapon. Imagine how many people you can reach, and how much you can say with a short video? So learn the ropes and start producing and posting your videos - you may find its results quite surprising.

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