Saturday, October 20, 2012

Writing A Resume Using A Free Resume Example

With the job market so competitive these days, being able to write a quality resume is important if you want to be seriously considered for just about any job. However, the process of writing or even updating a resume can be daunting. Often times, it is difficult to know exactly what to say about yourself and even more difficult to decide what to include in your resume versus what should be excluded. Luckily, you can always use the help of a free resume example to write your resume . These templates can give you a general idea about how to format your resume and what information to include. Still, there are some general tips and considerations that you should keep in mind if you want to have a resume that stands out from the rest.

For starters, you should always begin your resume with your contact information at the top of each page. This way, if your resume is more than one page and somehow gets separated, the human resources manager or whoever is reviewing the resumes can still look at each page and figure out that it is yours. Necessary contact information should include name, address, at least one telephone number, and a professional e-mail address.

Next, be sure to add information about your education experience or work experience, depending on which is more relevant to the job you are applying for. In your education experience, list any specific courses that you took that are relevant to the job. For example, if you are applying for a job as a computer programmer, be sure to list all of your relevant programming classes taken in school. This is something that most people fail to do, but is a great way to make your resume stand out.

When you get to your work experience, be sure to include your most relevant experience first, even if it is not necessarily the most recent. Employers care more about whether you have worked in the field before than how long ago you held an irrelevant job. And since the people looking at these resume are often skimming through them relatively quickly, it is best to have this information at the top so that it is noticed first. You may even want to have an entire section specific to relevant work experience, and then a section on other jobs you have held to show that you have remained employed.

Next, be sure to list special skills, qualifications, or certifications that you hold. The ones most relevant to the job you are applying for should be listed at the top, with additional ones towards the middle and bottom. These do not all have to be relevant to the job, as even something like a CPR certification can show that you are the type of person who would step forward to help somebody in need. This section can say a great deal about your character and is a great opportunity to make yourself stand out.

Of course, you should also include a list of at least two professional references.

From there, all it takes is some formatting to ensure the visual appeal and readability of your resume before it is ready to be sent off for review. Be sure to keep these tips in mind and good luck in your job search!

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