Monday, October 1, 2012

Why Women Have A Soft Spot For Precious Stones

Diamonds really are a girl's best friend - and sapphires, rubies, emeralds and tanzanite could be her BFFs too. From warriors to queens, witches to school girls, females have always loved the glitter, brilliance and energy that emanate from precious stones and semi-precious stones. Check out your jewellery set. Most likely, the most important items are those with a precious gemstone attached, no matter if you got it as a present or purchased it yourself.

How come females continue being mesmerised by precious stones? Take a look at some of the most possible answers.

Precious stones might be a great asset. A diamond will usually maintain its original worth despite of economic condition, compared with real estate or stocks investments which might be greatly influenced for each and every small movement in the economy or a slight sign of political development. Gems like diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies enjoy an intrinsic worth; their cost may increase gradually, but it's mainly invulnerable to other market influences and rises according to the pace of inflation.

You can use your precious stone jewellery every single day and it would not lose its worth. A house requires substantial maintenance and renovation before you can place it well in the buyer's market. High-brand fashion products, such as shoes or bags, lose its value each day from the time it was purchased which will certainly show tear as time goes by.

You can find other uses aside from wearing them. In case you have a selection of precious and semi-precious stones, you normally don't get to use them all together. So where do you put the other items while not being used? They're too beautiful just to be hidden in the box - why not allow your home wear them? Having precious stones as décor accessory provides an artistic and elegant touch to your home design theme. Hang them in place in which they'll catch the sunshine and discover how they may produce indirect, additional illumination for the area.

Precious stones show particular energy levels. A lot of people are convinced that certain stones, crystals and minerals give off energy and healing waves to the users. Jade balances emotions, pearls increase wisdom and chastity, and rubies enhance sexuality and creativity, and so on. With the aid of an expert, you can find out how wearing precious stones not just allows you to appear classy, but give you that positive vibration and sense of wellness you will need. Well, if you're using a brilliant and beautiful rock, who wouldn't feel great anyway?

Precious stones give class and also charisma to the user. For our large jewellery collections, visit

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