Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Why Print Still Works In Business Promotion

With the current business marketing emphasis on digital promotion such as website banners and mobile delivery of discounts and daily deals, a local or national business might well start to think that the days of effective print promotion have come and gone. Nothing could be further from the truth. Print promotion, with the help of offset printing services, is still a vital part of a business marketing campaign.

Print promotion has key advantages over digital marketing. First, not everyone has ongoing access to a computer or even a mobile device. Senior citizens, whose numbers will grow by 15 percent in the next few years, are the least digitally-savvy of prospective customers, but they are often the ones with the most money. It is simply not wise to ignore these folks who have been raised on print, and still peruse their daily or Sunday newspaper on a regular basis, or pick up the local shopper at the grocery store each week. Use of quality graphic design services and a cleverly-worded offer can create a powerful newspaper insert, door-to-door flyer or industry-specific newsletter that might well attract local customers who missed the local firm's online advertisement.

What print promotion also offers that a Web-based contextual ad campaign or online banner ad does not is the ability to catch the eye of a news reader or someone perusing other ads on the same print page or in the same print periodical. Those who peruse Web sites looking for a specific product or service might well find many options, which means an ad must compete with dozens of others. In contrast, a newspaper print subscriber reading the Sunday paper to find out the results of last night's basketball game might happen on a captivating offer to save 30 percent on a pair of running shoes, for example, and turn up at that local sports shop to buy even more items. That sporting good store might well be the only one of its industry on that print page.

Enticing print ads have very long shelf lives. People who pick up these periodicals, daily news products or weekly shoppers typically keep them on hand until the publication date of the next issue. The ads will then be available for another look for a week, or even a month. Contrast that with the instant-gratification of online shopping and print as a tool for promotion makes good business sense.

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