Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Why Is It That Employees Often Leave?

Companies who uses telemarketing as their medium in setting appointments consider employee turnover and loyalty as a major burden. It is a fact that employees, especially the good ones, leaving the company, can remarkably cause negative effect in producing good leads. Allow me to say that consistency, in this type of industry, is the major key and that training new employees to fill in the gap would not be enough. But why do employees leave? There could be a hundred of reasons out there but i guess you would agree that it would be convenient if we would just analyze the basic of these.

1. Manager issues - you may offer your employees a high paying job, plus a lot of other perks, but if they still want to leave, citing work dissatisfaction, you might want to take a closer look at the manager handling them. Believe it or not, the relationship between employees and their manager can be a big factor in whether they stay or not. Good managers earn the loyalty, respect, and admiration. Bad managers are the kind that employees just want to get away from.

2. Too much reorganization - When fear for the future is the reason why your employees leave, it might be a notable sign that you are rearranging your company overly as needed. Reassigning people to different positions, slashing jobs, changing the goals of the company, etc. gives employees a feeling of doubt. That is reason enough for them to look for more and better pastures.

3. Intense internal competition - competition is good to promote growth, but if it turns into a mudslinging match where one tries to bring down the other, then you have to step in. Some might say that the stress it creates is good, but why do we devote a lot of our time to de-stress? Because it makes us sick, and we always try to get rid of what makes us sick, including the job. This can greatly impact your ability to generate business leads.

4. Insufficient support - a good sign of your communication protocol is when your people leave because they think that they will not grow. You can actually help in eliminating this feeling that they are stuck in a rut by trying to have a small talk with them of great possibilities that awaits them in your company. This goes hand in hand with reason #1, for it's the manager's accountability to help his/her employees succeed.

5. Work-life imbalance - some employees leave because their telemarketing work seem to interfere with their lives. Perhaps employees do not agree on the redesigned organizational guidelines as it is against their standards, or they could possibly be single parents rearing their kids by themselves yet had to work during unusual hours. These are just some of the reasons why they leave he company. To retain good customers better, giving close attention to these problems is a must.

For the sake of achieving good results, always give extra effort in keeping you best people. These issues detailed above are just a few, in fact, but getting solutions to them can be of great help to you in the future in your appointment setting business.

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