Saturday, October 6, 2012

Where Have All The Customers Gone?

Whether you're a business owner, investing in your product or service with the desire to improve lives, or a customer looking for convenience, value, affordability, and satisfaction, we all have something in common. We want whatever experience we have to transform us - make something better, whether that "better" is our lives, our children's future, our loved one's lives, or our company's life. Yes, companies have lives.

Don't Lose Sight Of Your Vision

Nobody goes into business hoping that it will fail. While most of us are creatures of habit, there are, by nature of technology, things that have changed around us, and if we're not willing to make the transition, we'll miss sales opportunities and growth--the very things that will afford us the reasons we got into business in the first place. More time. More money. More peace of mind.

Accept That Traffic Has Changed

People shop differently, whether shopping for product, services, or information. I hear business owners all the time saying, "It used to be so simple. You had something to sell. You had someone wanting to buy. Bam. Done deal." But sticking to an old course when the path has changed will get you nowhere - fast.

People still want your product or service. They just won't be showing up at your doorstep to get it. The advantage for young up-and-coming business owners is that they all grew up on the Internet. Navigation is second nature to them. Even the military has picked up on that and is tapping into that skill set. But what about to you? Does the very thought of social media twist your stomach into a pretzel?

Accept That How We Reach Customers Has Changed

It wasn't all that long ago that effective marketing involved buying a huge e-mail list, sending offers, and waiting for the flood of responses to come in, right? Maybe this still works for some, but then filters came into play and "unsolicited" messages were spammed, and many "potential customers" signed up on the Do Not Call Registry, cutting direct connections down to next to nothing.

With technology nipping at the heels of marketing efforts of business owners, it's no wonder that massive direct mail, expensive ad campaigns, and elaborate tradeshows have gone by way of the pterodactyl.

Where Have All The Customers Gone?

The answer, my friend, is of course, the Internet. But you are in a better position than ever to capitalize on marketing opportunities. Politicians do. Elections have been won over savvy use of email, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networking venues that have put politicians on the cyber map toward "Success", and you can get there, too.

Many business owners start out with a website, but it's important to know what the role of the website is to maximize effectiveness. Ask some business owners the role of a website and they'll state, "To advertise your product." Others say, "To inform your customers about you, your product or service, and how to get them." But if your sole focus is on yourself, you'll be playing solitaire. I call these websites all-about-me "one click" wonders, as visitors see instantly that no value is offered, and they click off. Some business owners confuse tooting one's own horn with offering value to their customers.

So, How Do I Get Customers to Toot My Horn For Me?

While quality customer service turns customers into sound pieces for your product or service, they first have to have a place to visit to discover you. If you look at your website as the heart of your operation, what about it keeps that heart beating? The "blood" that runs through it to maintain that pulse needs to carry a strong message, and that strong message is that your site has new and exciting things for you to click on EVERY DAY!

Dazzling them with design and fluff may work for friends and relatives who are easily impressed and highly supportive, but your average customer isn't going on the site because of how it looks. They're going on the site to see what value you have to offer. Now here's a clincher. Most business owners do not track progress in almost all areas of their businesses!

Not you. Not any more, anyway. You can start by mastering:

• Break Even tracking
• Profit margin tracking
• Report tracking
• Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tracking
• Time tracking…and more

It's all about putting the proper systems in place. What worked in marketing just a short time ago does not work now, but what IS working today is right at your fingertips. Your customers are letting their fingers do the driving, so let's make sure we have a place for them to discover. And when they get there, let's excite them, invite them, and enlighten them with offers they simply can't resist. Since this is easier said than done, and if you need effective systems put into place to get your business running smoothly, and affording you all those things you dream about, a business coach can walk you through the processes necessary to advance and grow. The results you achieve will make up for lost time, lost money, and yes…lost customers who really are looking to find you!

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