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What Types Of Flood Defences Are Available To You?

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Stopping a flood from causing damage to your property should be a top priority if you live in a flood prone area. Fortunately, there are many ways that you can defend yourself against the potential damage that a flood can bring. What types of flood defences are available for you to employ?

Build On Higher Ground

The best defense against a flood is to build on higher ground. This is because water is going to flow downhill due to gravity. The water will collect in a flood plain or a basin at the lowest point in town. If you live at a higher elevation, you won't have to take any other precautions to protect your home and family against the damage that a flood can bring.

Erect A Wall

Many coastal towns will have some sort of wall or fence built to stop flood waters from invading the town. However, you can also erect a wall of your own. Concrete is generally enough to stop water from approaching your territory. Wood, metal or anything else that you could use to build a sturdy wall to a desired height should be considered as well. If you don't want to build an artificial wall, you can always use dirt to create an elevated area around your house.

Plant As Many Trees As Possible

Trees will help to absorb the water that the ground may not otherwise be able to handle. Their roots will make sure that the water is not allowed to collect on the surface. You can plant new trees as well as transplant mature trees from other parts of town for planting on your property.

Build A Dam

If you live near a river that overflows a lot, you could consider building a makeshift dam. The water will pool in an area that is far away from your property. That water can then be used for many different purposes. You could use the water for irrigation, to wash your house or wash your car. You could also try to funnel the water toward another body of water that is nearby.

A flood is never something that you want to live through. Therefore, you should have some sort of defense system in place that will protect yourself and your property. A little bit of planning now is going to go a long way toward keeping everyone high and dry during the rainy season.

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