Thursday, October 18, 2012

Trends In Custom Clothing To Watch

People are interested more than ever in investing in clothing that not only fits, but fits extremely well. These people are more likely to measure value in terms of how well the pieces fit, not just in the pricing and materials used. Customized clothing is becoming more accessible to a wider number of individuals as a result. The clothing industry and clothing retailers are starting to take notice of the trend, creating more custom concierge servicing options for that value-conscious consumer who'd be interested in paying more for clothing if the fit was just right. Here are several trends in custom clothing to watch.

Customized clothing concierge in the virtual environment

A men's clothing and professional styling service is being offered online through Hendricks Park, a concierge clothing company founded by Lisa Bruckner. The company offers personal styling consultations completely through Skype. The startup provides a preliminary consultation, which includes a two-hour wardrobe and needs analysis for all new clients. From the consultation, a style is mapped out for the person. Items are sent to the customer and the unused pieces are returned.

Traditional retailers explore concierge services

Traditional retailers are being asked by clients to offer custom concierge services and retailers are now offering concierge services as a result. Mychael Darwin Custom Jeans now offers a special custom denim concierge. The designers will travel to their clients' homes to help them find the right fit and style of jeans. A unique body profile is developed based on the measurements and the perfect pair of jeans is created from it for the customer.

Clothing company offering personalized style to all body types

Some online retailers have decided to target a range of different body types. Companies like eShakti have developed customized clothing for individuals to further customize their selections. People are able to work within a special framework and style, from that prototype, the piece that works best for them. What sets this clothing concierge company apart from traditional retailers is that it caters to different body types. They now provide customized clothing solutions for petite, smaller frames size S and smaller. They also provide customized clothing for women up to size 36.

Online clothing retailer caters to professional men

Other custom clothing lines offer special clothing services for professional men. One of those companies is Indochino. It gives the person the option of selecting ideal pieces through an online styling tool. The customer selects the style and designs the suit completely online. The online retailer guides the customer through the measurement process to make sure that the proper measurements are provided for the design of the custom suit.

The Internet has made it possible for companies to deliver better concierge services to consumers with a desire for a more personalized, accessible styling experience. Custom clothes can now range anywhere from t-shirts and custom denim to professional clothing for men and women. People of all sizes now have more options than the typical clothing pieces available from the traditional retailers. All trends suggest that the market for custom clothes services will take the concierge route, with services being offered in the privacy of the person's home through web-enhanced storefronts or messenger applications.

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