Thursday, October 25, 2012

Things You Should Know About Aluminum Glitter Powder

Since 1940's, aluminum metal and its alloys have been proven technically superior and cost-effective materials. Aluminum has been selected more and more often as the "metal of choice" for applications where corrosion resistance, light weight, strength and biocompatibility are important. For these properties it is being used in a variety of applications like in industrial, marine, automobiles, aerospace and in many other commercial sectors.

Aluminium glitter powder is dark gray in color. Supplies of aluminum in its pure form are rare, only five percent of the aluminum mined today is used in its pure metal form. The metal is as strong as steel with only 45% of its weight. When it is alloyed with other metals, the strength and the ability to withstand extreme temperature improves greatly.

Aluminum has the ability to be coated in acidic environment that make it corrosion resistance to acids. It is at least twenty times more erosion resistant than the copper-nickel alloys. It is also nontoxic and biocompatible. These properties make aluminum and its alloys useful in a wide range of structural, chemical, petrochemical, marine and biomaterial applications.

Alloys: aluminum metal powder is used as a raw material for aluminum alloy for the aerospace, medical, consumer, motorsports and recreation industries.

Aluminum Metallurgy: aluminum metal powder is used as a raw material for powder metallurgy that offers the possibility of creating net shape or near net shape parts without the material loss and cost.

Fabrication of intricate parts: It is used as a raw material for aluminum powder injection molding, a well-established and cost-effective method of fabricating small-to-moderate size metal components in large quantities.

Thermal Spray: It can be used as a raw material of aluminum thermal spray protective coating solution.

Laser Cladding: It is also used in laser cladding techniques to coat or fabricate a near-net shape parts to improved mechanical or corrosion resistance properties.

Pyrotechnics: The use of aluminum in fireworks is generally easy, relatively safe and very effective

Aluminum-carbon: aluminum metal powder is also used in the Production of aluminum Carbon extensively used in the sporting cars.

Of course, there is much other glitter powder available, just search online you can find them. Glitter powders are available in two forms. One is the thermoplastic powder which if heated after it is set will melt again. The other is the thermosetting powders which will withstand reheating. This property comes in the curing process where a cross link reaction takes place sealing the paint.

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