Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Round Table - King Arthur And Conference Table Shapes

Many of you will have heard of the UK Legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. There were said to have been twenty three knights plus King Arthur himself. The thought behind the round table was that there was no head of the table and everyone seated was to be equal. During the time of King Arthur, position was everything and there were often arguments or fights about who was sitting where, with those being nearest the head of the table seemingly being seen to have the greatest importance. King Arthur chose to use a round table to avoid such behaviour and so that everybody seated had an equal position. There have been many round tables over the centuries which claim to have been the original round table, but there is one which has the names of the knights around it and it can be seen in the Great Hall in Winchester. This table is believed to have been made in the 13th century and stood on a pedestal with a dozen legs around the outer edge of the table to support it. It is made from English oak, has a diameter of five and half metres and weighs about 1200kg.

Round tables are still popular for business meetings and are particularly useful for brain storming sessions where everyone can have their say. However, if a formal meeting is required where there is a designated 'chair' to host it, a round table may not be the most suitable because there is no visible head of the table. Round tables come in many styles and sizes and how you go about choosing one depends upon the size of your conference room. You will need to allow quite a lot of space between the chairs and the walls of the room so that people can get in and out easily and without disturbing those who are still seated. Consider how many people you will be required to seat at any one time and allow approximately 75cm of space at the table per person so that they have room to sit comfortably and take notes or use documents without encroaching on their neighbour's space. One of the main benefits of a round table is that everyone can see and engage with everyone else in the circle without having to twist or turn in their seats. A round table is ideal for smaller or less formal gatherings and can give a very relaxed and friendly feel to the session.

The most important thing to remember when purchasing any piece of furniture is to always buy the best quality you can afford. There will be a lot of stress placed on the structure of the table when it is in use. The legs can be subject to a considerable amount of stress as people lean on the table to get up from their chairs or lean across the table to reach for something. This can cause lesser quality tables to have loosened legs which may cause the table to wobble. Buying a well constructed conference table from a reliable manufacturer will ensure that you have a piece of furniture that will stand the test of time as well enhancing your conference room with its style and presence.

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