Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Perfect Choice of Packing Films for You

Our range of metallized film includes metallized polyester films, metallized CPP films, metallized BOPP films and ultra clear metallized films. With in-house production unit equipped with state-of-the-art machines, we have the capacity to produce metalising plastic films in various specifications of microns and optical density. In addition to this, our metallized films provide an excellent barrier against light, moisture, gases, etc.

Packaging of any product creates the first impression and is a virtual show-window of the product. Apart from providing factual details of the product the quality of the packaging material or wrapper determines the appeal of the product. In todays competitive market, innovative packaging plays a key role in attracting consumers. It is the wide array of FLEXIBLE PACKAGING MATERIALS that suffice the creative demands of innovative packaging. Flexible packaging materials include laminated and printed multi-layered substrates and plastic films. The material includes cast polypropylene films, metallized paper, metallized plastic films, window metallized, holographic films, lacquered plastic film and more. These are widely used flexible packaging material in industrial and promotional packaging

The most advantageous feature of Flexible packaging material is that it conforms to the size and shape of the packaged item, thus cutting on wastage. Flexible packaging is used in a wide range of industries, such as FMCG, foods & beverage, pharmaceutical, electronic components etc. Apart from reduction in wastage, the material also saves space when storing or shipped.

Our comprehensive range of holographic films is made of different substrates including BOPP, polyester, PVC, etc. These films are meant to be subjected to the embossing process for creating a pattern or an image with 3-D effect and spectral coloring. We have advanced embossing machines (1.65 Meters), which assist us in the mass production of high quality holographic films. In addition to this, we have in-house facilities for coating, electro-forming, embossing and metalising of the holographic films. These films are perfect alternative for application in rigid and flexible packaging. We laminate holographic films using different materials. Films can be laminated in order to make stock packaging or flexible bags. In addition to this, the film can be laminated to paper or card to make specialty gift boxes. They can also be extrusion coated with special adhesives.

We offer lacquered plastic film and polyester film in various specifications. Primarily used in the production decorative packing materials as well as metallic yarns, these lacquered plastic films are available in various colours and thickness range. Superior coating to these films make them resistant to chemical, water and moisture. We provide high quality coating, which ensure surface printing on these films.

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