Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Importance Of A Good Brand Design

When thinking of a business, its logo and general branding is often the first thing that pops into our minds. Too often, however, businesses neglect to take branding as seriously as they should.

The core of a company's visual identity lies with its logo. Many are creative and talented at coming up with potential logos, but trained graphic design allows a business to tap into the years of marketing and psychology research that has refined how company logos are designed today. Attractiveness is certainly important, but experts know how to further expand a logo's worth. A recognizable company logo often signifies a brand's strength.

Further, professionally-designed logos are delivered in a format that can be used in online and on printed material. Businesses often use an improperly formatted image on their letterhead or website with mediocre results; by using a professional design, businesses can be assured that they will be able to use their company logos wherever they need it.

A company's branding, however, goes beyond the logo; supportive material plays an important role as well. Having a complementary colour theme helps develop a cohesive, attractive brand that customers remember. Further, maintaining a consistent colour theme unifies a company's material and leaves the impression that the company is organized and pays attention to details. It often helps to share photographs with designers the show building's appearance and some of the surrounding area. Businesses located near the beach, for example, may be best suited by using blue in their colour scheme.

It also helps to have a consistent motif within the businesses printed and online material. A strong logo and attractive colour theme work in concert with a motif to present the public with a comprehensive look. A business located near the beach may be best served with a motif that hints at waves, and a business located in a green, wooded area can consider a motif that hints at trees. This is perhaps the most challenging aspect of developing a company's branding, and having a professional can make a tremendous difference.

A company's branding often sticks with it for a long time. Re-branding is possible, but customers become accustomed with a particular brand image and can be distracted when it changes frequently or abruptly. Further, changing branding forces a company to re-establish its imagine in the mind of customers. Using a qualified expert from the beginning can help a business develop a brand that will stick.

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