Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Forward Thinker, A Winner

Accounting being associated with sport doesn't happen very often but there is an exception when it comes to the forward thinking accountant and All Blacks' coach Steve Hansen.

The forward thinking accountant looks into the future, with an analytical eye, to realizing possible enhancements with your business or areas of your business, all with an openness to various and new viewpoints in the direction of growing those areas. Steve Hansen's tactic for the All Blacks is just the same. After the recent win from The Investec Rugby Championship Hansen said the team had to move on after the win and that the team had to reset their goals.

If you look at it this way, Hansen is the 'forward thinking accountant', the All Blacks are your 'business' and the goal is to win again and again.

Accounting is looking just that little bit more interesting now, right?

Whether it is life or business choices, it's almost human nature to look to the past to forecast what's going to happen in the future. In some cases this is useful but a forward thinking accountant will learn from those previous lesson and will also look to the future goals you want to achieve from your business.

The forward thinking accountant is adaptable, they employ past experiences, lessons, views and so on; with an 'in the box' point of view; on a task, such as your businesses growth. The forward thinking accountant will then also look 'outside the box' when looking for new ideas to excel your businesses future achievements.

This initiative of the forward thinking accountant means your approach to growth can include actions like renovating goals to be sensible, exploring different path-ways to achieving set goals, achieving said goals to a standard set by you and your forward thinking accountant that are specialised to your business and of course having fun with the decision making methods and being inspired along the way.

The forward thinking accountant won't just assist with plans for growing your business but will also assist in forecasting 'what-if' circumstances and ways to trouble-shoot such circumstances, if they happen. The procedures of the forward thinking accountant can give your business a 'health check-up', so you're up-to-date with what's going well and what needs to be worked on.

The forward thinking accountant gives you and your business space to look into all possibilities by always being on the ball.

To sum up the boys in black and their link to the forward thinking accountant, each area of your business,and its performance, will have an affect on the next. Just like each All Blacks' individual performance has an affect, good and bad, on the team as a whole.

After the championships Hansen said his team's forwards weren't doing a good enough job. They were not performing to their best ability and therefore letting the team down.

A view appreciated by tighthead prop Owen Franks who said, "It's about being really consistent and setting the platform (for the backs)."

Implying that once a frail area in your business is discovered by your forward thinking accountant it can be tuned to come up to speed with the better achieving areas of the business thus making a better business in the long run.

Overall the forward thinking accountant motivates your businesses management team to perform to the greatest level of standards when driving to achieve business goalsand looking to the future.

Jeremy has a diverse background in the Auckland accountant field spanning more than twenty years.

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