Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Benefits Of Digital Printing

One of the decisions many business owners will need to make with regards to their print advertising, letterhead, business cards and more is if they want to use offset printing methods or graphic design professional to develop customized graphics with a professional layout for all of your business printing needs. However, there are some clear benefits associated with turning the work of the graphic designer into printed material using digital print methods.

Short Runs

With offset printing, business owners are often forced to pay a high price for short runs of printed material. This is because the preparation work of offset printing is the same regardless of how many prints are requested. With digital methods, the piece is printed straight from a computer file. There is no need to create new plates for each run or order. This provides business owners with cost savings with shorter runs. After all, if you need professional brochures printed for a small event or want to buy business cards for a new employee who is working for you on a trial basis, using thousands of copies of these items may not be a wise financial move. Digital methods of printing allow business to save money by ordering exactly what they need.

Faster Turnaround

Using offset printing can be slow and tedious. You may send your documents to the printer and not hear back from the printing company that they are ready for pickup or delivery for many days. Because the set-up process of digital methods of printing are far less laborious and intense, you will notice that digital methods provide you with much faster results. More than that, if you need to make a last minute change to your file, you can call the printing service before the file has been printed to make a quick change without hassle. With offset printing, this can only be done without cost or delay if the plates have not yet been made.

These are just a few of the most significant benefits that business owners will experience when they choose to use digital methods for business printing needs over offset methods. Most business printing needs can be satisfied with either of these methods, so it will typically be your decision to decide which method you want to use. Print media is still the best way a company can use to reach out to a specific target audience. So you should consider these benefits when making this important decision.

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