Saturday, October 13, 2012

Taking Your Company Public? Zeitgeist Economic: Public Backlash Against the Institutional Machine

Profound influence of the institution over the international monetary cult is beginning to fester in the minds of a new generation. 'Baby Boomers' who dug this grave to toss the shriveled up corpses of their children and grandchildren by passing debt and legislation without questioning the corrupt system from which it was spawned are now beginning to see the damning consequences of what happens when it's unpatriotic to question the government. Thanks mom and dad!

Policies that govern the masses have been put in place by entities that don't have to follow the legislation in which it imposes on the populace. I tried to explain the system of 'control' to a college student that was in my office earlier this week, this was a far left, liberal, NYC college student, it doesn't get any more liberal than that. When I tried to explain the process of general psychological profiling, fractional reserve lending, the federal reserve organization outside of the reach of the federal government and operating as a privately run entity and other factual basics about economics, she was shocked and literally left believing that I invented the entire concept.

It's almost laughable to see how voluntarily uninformed people can be when they desire to exist within the 'bubble' which separates them from the laws that govern reality. Whether you want to acknowledge it or not you are just a tax id number on a computer screen, the name on your driver's license is just a straw man. This can be investigated and proven by taking one small step to investigate judicial case law.

The above noted, many people are beginning to wake up to this system of corruption. The 'turn a blind eye' method baby boomers used with compulsion and the psychological controls enlisted by the media (don't blame the media, they are just marionettes on strings attached to the fingers of powerbrokers) are no longer respected as our world reeling in chaos is spinning further and further out of control and is beginning to implode. Face men like Ron Paul talk about the Federal Reserve corruption as if it were a discussion about a vacation home in the Cayman Islands. It's sheik and appealing to the idealist university student who has only studied the possibilities of corruption but has never faced them directly.

The manufactured concepts of economic stimulus, sanctions and 'friends in high places' international banking brokering are like a glass skeletal structure that are now experiencing a car accident. The glass shatters as the collision occurs obliterating the shape and stabilize unit that was once active and relevant.

We are experiencing something that is more deeply rooted than the cliché 'movement' or 'revolution' as movements are typically crushed and revolutions toppled. A better explanation would be that we are experiencing an international economic zeitgeist which encompasses the emotional and spiritual elements that empower real change. This is not a prototypical 'Obama style' college professor driven 'audacity of hope' scam. The Zeitgeist process is very real as up and coming, influential characters are collectively punching the pressure points of the establishment that stands at the pinnacle of this aged house of cards that's been crumbling since the economic turmoil initiated by a corrupt banking system in the earlier 2000's.

Wikileaks and the unbridled power of the internet are allowing for disclosure which is encouraging communication and turnaround style think tanks by people who are fed up. Those involved in the above are not your prototypical 60's style drug and sex junkies that are out losing legitimacy by refusing to bath and burning draft cards. The men and women spearheading this process are intellectual yet simultaneously working class without the hang-ups of corruption. There is a 'great awakening' style of conviction possessing these people and the snowball continues to turn, gaining size and momentum.

James Scott is the CEO of Princeton Corporate Solutions, a corporate globalization and political strategies firm, PCS offers a unique blend of think tank, corporate and governmental communication strategies to expedite the facilitation of long lasting relationship building in these necessary sectors.

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