Saturday, October 13, 2012

Taking Your Company Public? Remember Memetics and Darwin's Application To The American Corporation

Taking your company public? Put on your thinking cap because there is more to being public than a trading symbol. In Richard Dawkins' "The Selfish Gene" the concept of Memetics was born. Apart from the obvious applications: scientific philosophy, 'Mind, Body, Bricolage', meta-condition: paradigm and brand and meta biological organisms, Memetics offers a brilliant and exhilarating whirlwind of possibilities for the private corporate sector of economics.

Through the visual lens of the 'meme' we can examine the idea of a corporate 'brand'. The success of an international brand is the localization and assimilation of the concepts that attract a following among the influential or purely mass numbers within designated population or target market.

The emotional triggers of belonging, vogue and uniqueness that sets one apart should be at the forefront of the mind when contemplating a meme for mainstream public distribution and cultivation. The successful cultivation of a meme is contingent on a solid comprehension of the emotional and psychological profile of the target individual or group. Fluent understanding of the critical factors that contribute to triggering these subconscious emotional/primal brain pressure points will be necessary when deciding on media and social venues to strengthen and perpetuate the roots of the meme. A deeply rooted meme will provide an automatic lends that is cultural, analytical and passively understood in a streamline, mainstream manner.

Memetic philosophy offers a fluid approach for intelligently guiding a populace/target group toward a desired outcome for culturally anchored economic influence that can merge with pop culture as well as traditional as the fluid adaption of this idea will only grow with time and evolve with sociological and fiscal shifts both domestic and abroad.

'Meme' introduction to a target group is best delivered via 'sense science' and collective collaboration of three major categories: auditory, visual, scent. Ongoing bombardment of these three triggers will stretch and strengthen meme principles into the analytical and communicative decision making process of a target group thus the economic elements of the 'buy', 'sell', 'stay' triggers can be examined and honed for optimal end result. Subliminal cue concepts that trigger action can also be interwoven, memetically blended and introduced beneath the critical faculty and into the subconscious mind via euphoria association.

With a solid psychological profile, body language-microexpression baseline to test subliminal implementation results beyond the verbal and a strong memetic strategy, legislation that would otherwise be considered 'too controversial' or socially unacceptable can find its way into the embrace of an otherwise reluctant population.

James Scott is the CEO of Princeton Corporate Solutions, a corporate globalization and political strategies firm, PCS offers a unique blend of think tank, corporate and governmental communication strategies to expedite the facilitation of long lasting relationship building in these necessary sectors.

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