Thursday, October 25, 2012

Take Your Commercial Cleaning To The Next Level

These days, everyone is looking for cleaner ways to travel whether this is planes trains or automobiles; to stand out from your competition you've got to be offering the fastest, most efficient systems for your customers, so why let your service get shabby?

Transport systems are no longer just a way to get from A to B; there is now so much more attachment fixed to the experience a consumer has, and service has become a major factor in customer satisfaction. From the waiting area, to the journey itself and the arrival destination, it is important to provide a high level of service and cleanliness to adhere to the customer's needs; with higher fares and ticket costs, the price they pay equates to the quality they perceive to get out of their experience.

The rail network is forever under scrutiny in the public eye, with constant fare increases alongside delays and problems on the lines, it is important to show consumers what they pay for. Cleanliness around all aspects of train carriages, stations and terminals shows your consumers that they are travelling in a high standard infrastructure.

Bus and coach companies face the same burden to their consumers; with prices rising each year with inflation, people are looking for where their money is being spent on improvements to the service. All passengers deserve the right to travel in a comfortable clean bus, but we all know it's hard to clean everything while the customers are around; late night clean up operations are usually the answer to ensure everything is clean on time.

It's not just on land that cleanliness is important; ferries and flights have long journeys and therefore more time for the customer to interact with the service they are receiving. Ports are busy places, with a fast turnaround required; getting people off and getting new people on, there's not a lot of time to ensure everything is cleaned. Because of this it is important to have an effective system in place for a fast procedure and thorough clean.

Airports are possibly the best example of how effective cleanliness can contribute to a customer's satisfaction. For holiday makers leaving the country, their journey starts at the airport and can form a lasting impression on their vacation away. The same goes for inbound travellers who may be travelling to a country for the first time; the airport situation establishes their first and last impressions of a country, we need to ensure that their experience is a positive one to make a lasting impression.

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