Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Studying Entrepreneurship: A Course For Being Your Own Boss

A lot of focus has been placed recently on entrepreneurship. Today's economic climate has not been very conducive to job growth. Because of this, high school graduates need to consider lucrative options that work within the confines of the present constricted market. While small business may be hurting under the increasing regulatory burden mandated by Congress and the President, ultra-small business has become a much more viable option to the unemployed and those newly entering the marketplace.

Why should prospective students look to become an entrepreneur rather than study finance? Well, since the 2008 global financial crisis, the financial industry has not been doing very well. Regulation is hurting finance, but so is a very fearful and timid attitude toward new investment decisions. The resulting market paralysis has caused a near freeze in job growth in the financial sector. Of course, the current pool of finance graduates are filling these positions too quickly for wages to rise at all. In fact, market pressures have caused wages to fall in this sector for new graduates in the last few years.

A student learning skills and the basics of business is well-equipped for the world of tomorrow. Inevitably, all the paralysis in today's investment market will eventually lift. When this occurs, new projects will be flush with cash to such a degree that there may result a general inflation. It will not matter for entrepreneurs because easy credit will only mean growth for their businesses. Entrepreneurs will be ready for the frenzied market coming just around the corner. Students who mix passion with persistence will find unlimited success in their enterprises in the coming years.

The entrepreneur will have more than the practical benefit of being able to make a living. She will be in the unique position of being her own boss. This benefit cannot be measured with a dollar sign and is sought by a new generation of workers that demand freedom from close supervision. The only supervision an entrepreneur gets is feedback from customers. For many, the benefits far outweigh the hard work and initial sacrifice of developing an enterprise. The entrepreneur will also be in the unique position of being able to be expansionary in a contracting economy. The clever entrepreneur always knows to leverage catastrophe for foreseeable benefits like depressed wages: this means more talent for less money! For the future entrepreneur, persistence and a foolhardy attitude are a must.

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