Monday, October 15, 2012

Shopping For Auto Insurance? Here's Some Tips

If you're buying car insurance, then you aren't alone. A recent study showed that fully fifty percent of all drivers at some point in time were in the market for car insurance. Sure, some of them had full policies, but generally speaking, people are always looking for a better deal. And with car insurance, this is easier than ever. Companies are always trying to outdo each other, and they're always spending a ton of money on advertising.

This kind of presents a problem. Imagine you buy some insurance. You get a pretty good deal. Then you see a commercial on TV, with happy people saying how much money they've saved. Then you ask a couple of your friends. Maybe one or two of them are getting really good rates, much better than you. What gives? Did you get ripped off? Not likely, but often times it feels like that.

One of the reasons is that car insurance rates are highly dependent on the individual. That means based on you, your driving record, the kind of car you drive, where you live, and a few other factors, you may be paying more or less than your friends. It's not like shopping in the supermarket where everybody is paying the same price for peanut butter.

With car insurance, it's essential to understand your own risks. For example, the more accidents or moving violations you have in your past, the higher you are going to pay for insurance. Many people aren't even aware of this. They stroll into the insurance office, thinking they are going to get some really good rates, and then suddenly are confronted with their driving history, which they've conveniently forgotten.

Don't make this mistake. Understand exactly what your driving history is before getting a quote. Another thing you'll need to understand is the value of your car. Sure, maybe your friend is paying less for insurance, but maybe their car is a piece of junk compared to yours. If you understand how much your car is worth, you won't be as surprised with your insurance rates.

Also, how much insurance you get varies from person to person. Your friend might have gotten just the bare bones basic insurance required by law, while you may have been smarter and gotten more coverage. The minimum amount required by law is enough to keep your license, but it might not be enough to pay for any accidents you may be in.

For these reasons, it's important to understand your situation before shopping around for insurance.

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