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Resume Samples Are The Perfect Guide To Making The Right Impression

There are several resume samples and templates to fit individual employment situations. Generally, samples and templates provide a format based on the type of job an individual seeks. While these are good resources to writing a resume, samples and templates are best used as a model. The individual's work experience and qualifications are used to modify the models.

A resume serves as the professional expression of an individual seeking a new career opportunity. Many believe that a resume is one essential component of a job search. With a well-written resume, individuals provide an accurate view of their knowledge, skills and abilities. The primary objective is to set important features of an individual's work experience apart from the crowd.

Typically, individuals want to choose resume samples that highlight strengths and achievements. Goals of the resume are to make an impression that leads to an interview and ultimately a job offer. Most resumes will fall into one of three categories to accomplish those goals: chronological, functional and targeted.

Chronological Resume

A chronological resume is commonly used because of its applicability to most job openings. Whether an individual is a recent college graduate, mid-career or an executive candidate, the chronological resume can highlight specific experience and achievement. Additionally, employers are familiar with this format because of the simplicity in format.

Chronological resumes are usually organized into four general categories related to employment and education credentials. The career objective is the first category and is listed below the individual's contact information. Typically, the career objective is a brief statement that informs a prospective employer of the individual's career goals.

Next, the chronological resume lists work experience starting with the current or most recent position. Work experience should include the dates of employment, name of employer, job title and a brief description of duties. This section is an opportunity to highlight skills and responsibilities that demonstrate an individual's ability to accomplish tasks successfully.

The last two sections typically include education credentials and other skills. College degrees and certifications belong in the education category. Computer skills, foreign languages and specializations are ideal information for the skills category.

Functional Resume

A functional resume emphasizes an individual's accomplishments and knowledge. Hiring managers will see a job applicant's knowledge, skills and abilities in a logical order. The format of a functional resume presents the job applicant's qualifications rather than employment history.

Typically, functional resumes are suitable for an individual who lacks an obvious career path. For example, the person might have worked in different positions within distinctive industries. However, the person was able to acquire similar skills such as project management.

The functional resume can serve two purposes for an individual. He or she can demonstrate essential skills to obtain a job. For the recruiter, a functional resume leaves the impression that the individual is focused.

Targeted Resume

Customization is the primary focus of a targeted resume. An individual can highlight work specific experience and skills related to the job for which he or she is applying. Writing a targeted resume is time consuming for most but worth the effort.

The simplest way to write a targeted resume is to review the job description. Taking specific experience, education credentials and other qualifications, an individual can use this information to write a summary of qualifications. This directs the hiring manager's attention to key words and phrases related to what is needed in the job.

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