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We often communicate with people that heard others talking about audio books, but do not know really what they are. There are two different versions of audiobooks, but what is the difference? People are always interested in multitasking while they can save time, because we have such limited free time. Audiobooks are perfect for multitasking , let's take a look at what an audiobook is and the main differences.

Online audio books are a definite asset when it comes to travelling from town to town, state to state or country to country. Does you professional job take you on the road or in the air often? Maybe you are lucky enough to afford many travel holidays throughout the year, or does the family head off to the lake each weekend for relaxation?

It really does not matter how you travel or for what reason, but do you enjoy audio books during your travels? This is the most important question to ask if you travel a lot or even a little.

Todays audiobook formats come in four different styles that are widely used. Each format determines the audio book quality that is delivered as well as the type of player used to listen to the audiobook. There is an audiobook format that will best suit your needs.

An audiobook is taking a regular traditional book (you must have the copyright permission) and vocally reading the book while recording the narration. A book is recorded with either one narrator that covers all the characters within the book or a cast of narrators that do the voices for one or two characters each. The recording contains the voices of the narrators but background music and sound effects can also be added to the audio book for additional dramatic effect. Both styles are great, but it is the story and type of writing that determines if background music and sound effects are added.

Since the digital technology really helped develop CD's, it also brought downloadable audio books our way as well. Basically these audio books are converted and saved as digital audio files such as MP3 format. This format has gained popularity lately with the creation of Apple iPods and MP3 players. It seems these players have become a regular addition to our everyday lives, this is the main reason audiobooks have exploded in the most recent years. Downloadable audio books are used by audio book rental clubs, audio book retailers and by the audio book listener. Never have audio books been so portable and convenient for the industry and fans, all because of the downloadable technology. Online audio book downloads are definitely the most popular audio book format, and one to consider.

As audiobooks grow in popularity, many more titles will be published into audio books. There are thousands of audiobook titles available, but each year this number grows at a vigorous pace. Audiobooks allow you to enjoy your books while doing other tasks everyday. Most people will listen to audiobooks while they are commuting, travelling, cooking, exercising and a lot of other activities. Basically, you can listen to audio books no matter what you are doing.

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