Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mining And How It Benefits Our Daily Lives

Every day, millions of people rely on products that were made from mined materials. This includes cell phones, vehicles, televisions, medical equipment, airplanes, paints and much more. All metals like iron, aluminium, cadmium, calcium, lithium, mercury, lead and others come from mines. Without mines, it wouldn't be possible to live a comfortable existence.

Mines have been in use for over 5,000 years. While early mines were very basic, people have been refining iron ore, copper and other metals for thousands of years. In many cases, early mines were less than 50 feet deep. Since it was difficult to build reliable support structures at that time, early miners could not travel far into the depths of the earth.

With mining, mankind was able to make tools and weapons. This includes tools like hoes, shovels, arrows, hatchets and much more. Over time, man was able to create more complex items. This eventually evolved into the tools that modern society enjoys.

Without mining, almost none of mankind's progress on earth would be possible. In addition to metal, mines are also used to gather various minerals. Certain rare earth minerals are used in the manufacture of LCD screens, high-power batteries and much more.

In 2010, China significantly reduced the amount of rare earth metals available on the global market. Since China controlled most of the world's rare earth metal mines, this had a significant impact on manufacturers around the globe. Within weeks, the price of some rare earth metals had increased significantly. Without access to these minerals, many common electronics could not be manufactured.

Lots of rare earth metals have certain properties that make them valuable for use in electronic devices. Since electronics pass through certain rare earth metals in unique ways, they can be a fantastic way to build specialized transistors. In addition, rare earth minerals are sometimes radioactive. Radioactive ore can be used to create enriched uranium. With enriched uranium, a company can provide clean, efficient electricity to millions of people at a very low cost. In many cases, nuclear energy is cheaper than other types of power plants.

Many mines also use plastic core trays to analyze samples. With core trays, a mining company can quickly and easily determine the value of a core sample.

Mining plays an invaluable role in the modern world. Without mines, mankind wouldn't be able to enjoy many modern conveniences. While mining can have a significant environmental impact, the benefits of mining significantly outweigh any consequences.

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