Saturday, October 20, 2012

Looking to Crank Up Your Success with Custom Water Bottles?

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Crowdfunding is now enabling solo entrepreneurs and small businesses to take their ideas to a whole new level with access to an incredible amount of capital from private sources. Utilizing custom water bottles to back up and spread your campaign can help achieve the results and funding needed in less time while offering more value to contributors.

Crowdfunding isn't small time any more; in fact some projects being funded on the popular platform are quickly raising hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, those who have successfully launched campaigns that have been funded by crowdfunding platforms or even local private contributors will tell you that it takes more than just crafting a neat story and throwing it up on the web.

4 Ways Custom Water Bottles Can be Used to Raise More Funding:1. Shows You Are Real & Legit

It is hard to know who to believe today and especially who to trust with your cash. Utilizing custom water bottles to back up your project shows you are real your project is legit and can actually produce something.

2. Gives Something Tangible

Non-profits or entrepreneurs running campaigns on platforms like Kickstarter may not have to repay investors or pay out dividends but offering incentives if not required is just smart. It doesn't have to be expensive and custom water bottles could be just the tool for giving something tangible and making contributors feel like they actually got something back.

3. Fuel Sharing & Raise Awareness

The more awareness of your project the more potentially funding you can cash in on. Arming everyone possible with your custom water bottles makes this easy and can increase sharing of your work by word of mouth. This can be done by handing them out, shipping them or having other local businesses give them out too for tapping into their contract and customer bases.

4. Auction off Your Custom Water Bottles

Why not hold a fundraiser and auction cases of your custom water bottles to raise additional funds? This doesn't have to be a huge and incredibly expensive gala dinner. It could be in a private home, local hotel or even online.

5. People want conveniece

So give it to them. According to Web MD, Despite a vague belief about increased healthfulness, most people could not identify the health benefit. The most commonly given reason for purchasing bottled water was convenience. Many participants said they drank tap water at home, but purchased bottled water when they were out and about."Interestingly, while the majority of participants expressed the belief that bottled water has health benefits of some kind, paradoxically these same participants also stated that the health benefits of bottled water are negligible or nonexistent," researchers write in the study. "This perhaps reflects confusion in the general public."

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