Monday, October 8, 2012

Leather Jackets For Women - Style And Comfort

Leather can make a unique and unique style for you. Take a women's leather jacket in a sharp thigh length style, make certain it has a tailored fit and completely clean razor-sharp lines, finally dress it with a prolonged pencil skirt and tank top and you have formidable figure not to be messed with. Later that night slip into your distressed leather biker jacket, ripped jeans and get a little creative with your eye make-up and this same women is full of spirit and fun rebellion.

The versatile and ageless leather jacket have attained iconic as well as celebrity status since we regularly see them in our treasured movies. Leather is chosen in the personal lives of the stars to create their own style, think Victoria Beckham, Lindsay Lohan and Kate Moss.

As most of these jackets can be seen off the big screen, a lot of people would often associate the character wearing a specific leather jacket in mind. For example, think of the legendary Beatrix Kiddo in Kill Bill, whose leather jacket shone as vibrantly as Uma Thurman, who played the part. Think of Angelina Jolie in different action roles such as Tomb raider which gives us the sense of menacing reassurance, that the bad will not triumph in the end. There are dozens more examples in our magazines and on our screens and each of them contributes to an individuals unique style and generally with great success.

These days, you can readily find one for under $150. There's also a whole lot more to choose from than just 5 years ago. And the beauty of it is, you get to choose a whole lot of finishes too. Finishes like distressed, matt, clean, vintage and washed that fit every possible style niche and dress-up dress-down combination.

Leather jackets have been popular since the 50's and were popular with cartels, military outfits and those with money well before that. Ever since they we're first popularised they have enjoyed continued reinvention for the purposes of fashion as well as function when considered against the backdrop of the airforce issued jackets or biker jackets.

We are often drawn to the magnet of the little brown leather jacket in the window of a shop, simply because of the distinction and authenticity only a leather jackets commands. They're ageless because they are the original, each one is extraordinary, no two pieces of leather are precisely the same, no two jackets are exactly the same. Leather jackets are handmade, each panel cut with a sharp tool held by actual experienced craftsmen. Materials selected individually by sight and hand to match thickness, texture and colour. The parts are joined together to give you the durable finish and water-proofed for different weather conditions. No matter what leather jacket you'll choose, you'll be assure of a high quality, original product that is made just for you.

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