Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lead Generation: Campaign Effectively Pass Through Gate Keepers

If there is one dilemma that immeasurable lead generation and appointment setting work deals with the gate keepers. Yes, you will agree that this is the most familiar stumbling block that sales people encounter when they want to meet with the decision maker. It is all the same, whether you are using social media, b2b telemarketing, email, or even search engine marketing, as medium. If one wants to generate sales leads from such prospects, they will have to get past the gate keeper first. Now, this is where the fun part comes in. How will you be able to get past the gate keeper in the first place? But before we go to the how, we need to first understand the why. Why do gate keepers exist in the first place?

The rationale gate keepers are there is pretty apparent from their name they guard the gates, fundamentally the direct access to the main decision maker. This is because these main decision makers are the leaders of their business. And one of their most important resources is time (which is something they do not have in abundance). If all the decision maker does is meeting with marketers, sooner or later, they will no longer have the time to focus on their business. They cannot manage to meet with all of the sales representatives that come knocking on their door (most of them offer something they do not need anyway). That is the reason they hire people to act as gate keepers: filtering the breeze of people that can contact the decision maker. This makes the lead generation campaign work all the more complicated.

Although it may be complicated, it does not mean impossible. What is crucial here is that you get to the good side of the gate keepers. Clearly, this is the imperative point that will determine whether you generate B2B leads or not. So you should give it your best shot. The question here is how you will do it. First of all, there are two rules that you should keep in mind: One, never rush the gate keeper in getting you the CEO. You perhaps as well speed up through the exit then. And second, never leave the information you have to the gate keeper and wait for the response. You will just wait in vain.

To handle them, you must treat gate keepers with the same courtesy and respect as you would to the main decision makers. Remember that, although they are blocking your path, they are a great source of information (as long as you know how to get it). To do that, you will need to ask questions. Employ them as a reference in your research about the company and the decision maker. Listen carefully, since they might say something that will help you get their good side. Earn their respect by showing that you know what you are talking about, that you are an expert that can help their company grow.

If you accomplish that, they will slowly warm up to you. It will make your business2business appointment setting attempts much easier.

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