Friday, October 5, 2012

Launch a New Business with Business Card Magnets

Starting a new business? You'll want to know about business card magnets. They can help you successfully launch your new business. The best thing about these magnets is that they work for many different industries and niches.

Some might say they help your business "stick" in the mind of a customer...and they're right. One great thing about these magnets is that they stick around, on the refrigerator or the cabinet and your customer has your contact information right at their fingertips. So the very next time they need a hair salon, a plumber, a computer tech or just about any other service or product, they will think of you.

How can you make your business card magnets a slam dunk? We have a few tips that will really help them stick around with your customers and prospective customers. You'll appreciate these because your business phone will be ringing off the hook and you'll never want for customers again! Try a few of our tips and get business card magnets to help launch your new business, and you're off to a great start. Here are our tips:

Put your best foot forward. Mom always said "you have one chance to make a great first impression." And she was right. That first impression matters. Fortunately a lot of the time there are things we can do to help make a great first impression. A polished and well groomed appearance. Showing up on time for appointments. A neat and tidy office and conference center. And just remember that "Golden Rule" Mom taught you too, about treating others the way you'd want to be treated. Do all of this and you'll create a great first impression!

Do a phenomenal job. When they call you for products or services, do your best to go the extra mile. Explain the products to them to be sure they have everything they need. Take your time on the service call so you know the problem has been completely solved. If you are known for top notch service, this reputation will follow you everywhere, when you leave your business card magnet not only will they call you again but they'll recommend you to family and friends. That's one of the biggest reasons when you give out your magnets, you want to give out two of them so they have one to share with someone else.

Put your best contact information. Professionals in different industries like to be contacted in different ways. Many today prefer to use a cell phone. Some like to use a beeper. Some like orders to come through on a fax number. Make things clear on your business card magnet so your customers know how best to get a hold of you whether they are placing an order or if they need customer service or a service call. The clearer and more specific you are, the easier time they will have getting a hold of you and the fewer mix ups you'll have with calls not getting returned or going to the wrong number/place.

Launch your new business with confidence and use business card magnets for best success!

Lawrence Reaves writes for a custom label company offering business card magnets, stickers and hang tags for marketing your business. For more information on and the products they offer, go here-

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