Thursday, October 25, 2012

Knowing The Ins and Outs Of Your Security Team

In any organisation or industry, knowing who you're working with is the most effective way of establishing trust and managing a healthy working environment. Whilst a lot of people are keen to preserve their personal lives separate to their working, it is important that any relevant issues in their previous history is notified, making them acceptable for the job. This has mainly become an issue in the past 10 years; security levels associated with health and welfare of fellow employees have developed into a growing concern for any employer encouraging new people into their business.

Working with children or the elderly requires a lot of trust and responsibilities. Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) checks are the most commonly used checks made on individuals before being allowed to work in particular fields. This check looks at any previous convictions considered to be unspent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Order of 1978; if there are no convictions found the CRB check is cleared and the employee can be considered for the job role following the outcome.

General identity checks have also become a common practice in working environments before employment is considered. Laws and legislation are in place considering insurance, and VISA's this is an important factor that employers need to think about before taking on staff. With a high insurgence of illegal immigrants entering the UK, it is more important than ever for employers to know who they are working with; if they knowingly employ and pay somebody who doesn't have the right to work, they could be breaking the law and get into serious trouble.

Screening employees is not only a one off practice before they start to work at a company; as employee circumstances change it is important to monitor anything suspicious they could be doing outside of the organisation. Yearly checks and screens are not unusual in today's working environment; living in a fast moving society can result in rules being broken, this could be anything from a minor crime to a speeding offence. Anything like this can alter interaction and trust in employees.

We've seen through experience in the past years how unidentified issues in an employee's personal history can play a major role in the success of any organisation; for example poorly administered CRB checks in schools and elderly homes. Large offences that aren't identified at the time of employment can deeply damage an organisation's reputation for both prospective customers and stakeholders in the company.

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