Friday, October 12, 2012

Key Ways To Unlock The Millionaire Within You

What if I were to tell you that there's a millionaire lurking inside of you - would you laugh? Or would you ask, "How do I access this inner millionaire?"

If you wondered how to access the millionaire within, you're an entrepreneur.

To release your inner millionaire, it's important to understand where it lurks. The inner millionaire is not hard to find. It's hiding in your brain. Let me explain. Your "Executive" brain - or the "prefrontal cortex" if you're into the medical terminology, is the part of your brain that controls emotions, ideas, and yes - brilliance!

The average adult uses 2-19% of his or her "Executive" brain power. Just think if we went full throttle and actually used our brains to full capacity! "Executive" brain users tend to:

• B e in the here and now
• Be positive, thoughtful, and reflective
• Measure and feed on challenges
• Never say never

Your brain is a muscle that feeds on information and longs to work! It loves when you focus on something and the reward for doing so is insightfulness.

Inner Millionaire Repressors include:

• Naysayers. These ironically can be people on the outside: family, friends, co-workers, colleagues, competitors, you. Yes, you. You can be your biggest enemy in terms of the negative talk echoing in your brain that shuts down your systems and inhibiting growth.

• Lack of Confidence. Usually lack of confidence is directly tied in with lack of knowledge. A lot of times business owners feel like admitting that they don't know how to do something will make them appear weak or ineffective. Once they open their minds to learning new things, things change.

• Not Getting Help. Again, there's a common misconception that asking for help shows some kind of weakness when just the opposite is true. Egos can block the paths of even the most enterprising inner millionaires, so check egos at the door and get help.

Releasing your inner millionaire does not mean you're home free. Entrepreneurs know that success results from hard work, and they don't mind putting in the work, especially when success is guaranteed. Of course, there's always risk involved, but with the proper systems in place, entrepreneurs find that they can spend more time working on the business - not in it - and have time left over for the things that got them into business in the first place: vacations, family time, buying homes, cars, and having life unfold on their terms, not the clock's.

So, release the inner millionaire in you. Take the steps necessary to advance. These include:

• Putting systems in place that allow your business to practically run without you there 24/7
• Believing in yourself and your inner millionaire, turning negative talk into positive action
• Recognizing that you've taken on a huge enterprise and asking for help.

A business coach is trained and has experience putting the business mind set in place, including:

• Mastery - making sure you deliver profitably, productively, and with enough information to make sound decisions
• Niche - finding your market uniqueness and building your marketing and sales machines to run smoothly, even when you're not there!
• Leverage - putting the proper systems in place to handle the extra workload
• Team - Together Everyone Achieves More…build the dream team you've always wanted
• Synergy - Putting it all together to ensure that the outcome (and income) is far greater than the input.
* Results - Achieving your goals and affording yourself the things you deserve and desire

So, unlock the part of your brain that's keeping your inner millionaire trapped inside you. What's that? You can't find the key? No problem. Your business coach is the locksmith to your future.

For advice and proven systems to advance your business, visit and Peter Williamson, Business Coach and Master Licensee, helps you find instant and lasting solutions to increase your profits by 61% or more - guaranteed. Email

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