Thursday, October 4, 2012

Increasing Buzz for Your Event Through Promotions

Promoting an industry event is easier with the help of social media technologies, posters and merchandise. While advanced technology is certainly helpful, businesses should remember to use more conventional forms of marketing offered by print services. Businesses should find as many avenues as possible to distribute posters and promotional merchandise as a way to engage attendees about the upcoming event and to create a sense of reciprocity that will encourage attendees to participate in the event.

Make of Use Former Events to Promote Future Events

One of the easiest ways to get future guests interested in an event is to use media from prior events to generate interest, especially if the prior events have gone very well. Videos, images and blog posts describing the prior event should be distributed through social media tools as an effective way to generate buzz. Of course, the content should be meaningful and engaging. For example, a video of a product demonstration can certainly generate more interest in the product and will likely be shared by users. Businesses should use poster printing services to create memorable keepsakes that attendees can bring home with them and which can promote the next event.

Harness the Power of Social Media

Make it easy for those interested in the event to continue to follow it. For example, create a hashtag on Twitter that becomes a label for the event, allowing for other people to more easily follow the event.

One of the great advantages of social media is that the attendees can be engaged in the event long before it starts and can continue to be engaged long afterward. This can help foster a community around the event that provides its own form of viral marketing and serves as a pool from which you can draw feedback on the event as well as advice on how to plan a better one in the future.

Recruit Assistance from Well known Speakers

Another way to generate buzz is to get speakers to discuss the event on their own websites. Most speakers have followers who will be interested in the events that the speakers are involved in and will likely spread the word themselves. Those who follow the speakers will often be involved in the industry that the speakers specialize in.

Businesses should consider how attendees would benefit from attending the event. Then, it will become easier to provide teasers through their promotional brochures and posters.

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