Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I Was Happy To Find Some Wonderful Car Haulers

I work on cars for a living, and so I find myself having to transport cars to and fro on a daily basis, and through extensive experience, I have found that the easiest way to do this is to use car haulers. I know that a lot of mechanics use tow trucks for their repair work, but I specialize on doing restoration and body work for classic cars, so my clients are more concerned about their cars being transported safely, without any damage.

I had a nice, reliable car hauler that I've used for the last couple years, but a buddy of mine borrowed it to haul a bunch of landscaping equipment and when I got it back, the axel was in ruins. My friend felt awful about it and told me he would pay for a new trailer, which was good, but it meant that I needed to search for some car haulers.

Shopping for anything is not one of my preferred activities, so rather than go down to some random trailer dealership, I just got on my computer to see what was available in my area. After doing some searching, I was looking at a website that showed a wider variety of trailers than I even realized existed.

I was very excited to see this, because not only did they look to be outstanding quality, they were also very near to my home, which meant that I would not have to spend several hours going to look at them. The next day, I set out to go and look at the trailers, expecting that I would not buy more than one trailer, but as I stood there and looked at all of the equipment trailers they had there, I was persuaded that it would be helpful to get two different sizes of trailers for different jobs.

So, I made the arrangements and took one of them home that day, which was good because I had a job that required me to pick up a custom made Corvette that required very careful handling both on pickup and delivery. When I took my new trailer out to pick up the car, I could hardly believe how well it handled, and how easy it was to load the cars on and off of it, and I could not have been more overjoyed with my new trailer.

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