Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I Wanted To Look At Dog Collars For My Pet, But I Needed Some That Were Out Of The Ordinary

I had always thought that Roderick, my dear dog, was a winner, but I wasn't proven correct until he won the yearly dog show, which prompted me to buy some new dog collars. This notion came to my mind when I observed that the other dogs that were in the competition were wearing stylish dog collars that I thought very fondly of because the dogs looked like they felt like winners.

I drove my dear little canine to the pet shop that was just a couple miles from my home and there, we looked at the selection of collars and leashes only to feel a crushing sense of disappointment. I had an idea and approached the clerk to find out if they had a means of ordering special items, like unique collars and dog leashes, but I was informed that this was not an option for me or anyone else.

I walked out of there feeling somewhat frustrated, and thinking that I might have to drive for a couple hours to the nearest major city where I could visit a specialty dog boutique. I even loaded my beloved pet into the car and was about to pull out of my driveway, when I got a call from a friend of mine who I had met on the dog show circuit who had always displayed her dog in some rhinestone dog collars that I'll admit did look pretty flashy.

We conversed for a time and when I confessed my dilemma to her, she chuckled and said that my planned drive was unnecessary and that designer dog collars were closer than I suspected. I insisted that she tell me more about this option, and she happily told me where I could find on the Internet the very collars that she had gotten for her dog, Sunflower

I moved rapidly and efficiently, putting my dog back in the house, putting my keys on the kitchen counter, and logging onto my computer, where I located the website in question, which sold superb bling dog collars. I looked around the website before deciding on a couple collars and some dog leads that I thought might make the judges take notice at the next dog show, so I placed an order right away. The delivery truck showed up several days later and I wasted no time in getting a new collar on my canine companion and taking to the streets where I could show all of my neighbors what we looked like in our new finery.

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