Monday, October 1, 2012

I Wanted My Baby To Look Her Best, Which Is Why I Purchased The Very Best Baptism Clothes I Could Find

I know that babies couldn't care less how they look and are more concerned with what they are eating, but I care how my children look, which is why I invested in some classy baptism clothes. It was on a cold winter's day when my daughter was born and in spite of the bad weather, when I first met her, her cute little smile was like standing on a tropical beach in the warm sun, which is what prompted me to dress her to the nines for her baptism day in order to impress her new family.

Making something as elaborate as baptism clothes is not listed among my several talents, but I was also not aware of where to find a place to purchase them. And while I searched my brain, I could not remember ever seeing anything like this, even in the children's clothing stores. And we had already scheduled the place where the baptism was to happen and had sent invitations to friends and family, which gave me a lot of pressure to get clothes for my baby very rapidly.

I was in luck, however, when I mentioned my difficulties to my favorite cousin and she explained that she had gone through a similar experience with her own babies. She gave me a website address, and when I logged on, I was treated to the vision of some of the cutest clothing for kids, babies, and newborns, from everyday wear to clothing designed for unique occasions like baptisms and other things.

Almost immediately, I was completely taken by this wonderful newborn boutique clothing and could clearly see in my mind's eye how my sweet little girl would look in the different outfits. Eventually, I returned to the issue at hand and began to examine the clothing that was specially designated for events like a baptism, and I must say that I was very, very pleased with what I saw there. Time was down to a minimum, so I buckled down and placed my order, and even though I may have made the decision in haste, I was more than happy with what I selected.

When the big moment came, I was filled with a high degree of anxiety, probably like any mom would be in a similar situation, but I was also holding the cutest baby in the universe. And when I saw her as the center of attention, I knew that I had made the right choice and knew that everyone else in the room grasped as well as I did that my baby was the best dressed baby that any of them had seen in a long time.

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