Saturday, October 6, 2012

How To Set Up A Profitable Flower Shop

Have you ever wondered why humans love flowers so much? After all, they can't really do anything. You can't eat them. You can't live in them. You can't trade them for money. You can really just look at them, and get a good feeling. Why do we get such good feelings when looking at flowers?

One theory goes like this: Back in the old days, when we were cave people, we had to wander around. Since we ate meat, we had to hunt for our food. This meant we were never in the same place for very long. This meant we were always traveling. Which meant you were almost always in unfamiliar territory.

Whenever we saw flowers, that meant one two things: Food and water. If there were flowers, that meant there was water nearby, which meant there were some animals nearby. So we evolved a sense of "good feelings" whenever we saw a plant that had bright colors, like yellow or red. If we saw flowers and didn't have a good feeling that made us stop, we would have kept going. Then we'd miss out on the food and water.

Fast forward a few hundred thousand years, and here we are. We still get that good feeling when we see flowers. That's why there are so many flower shops around. If you'd like to open up your own flower shop, then here's some tips.

First, make sure you've got plenty of fresh flowers. You'll need to get them on a daily basis. This means you'll need to find a few sources. That way, when customers come into your shop, they'll always be a bunch of flowers to choose from.

Another thing you'll need is to have plenty of nice cards that go with your flowers. Since few people buy flowers for themselves, you'll need to include a card. Hospitals, girlfriends, Mothers, these are all the recipients for flowers. So make sure you have a wide variety of notes and cards to write messages on.

Location is important. Many people buy flowers on the spur of the moment. That's why you see so many people selling them by the side of the road. So if you open up a flower shop, make sure people can see it no matter which direction their driving in. Also, it will help to put up a big sign, and give people a reason to stop in and buy some flowers.

Naturally, you'll need to have a refrigerated truck or van to deliver your flowers. Many more people will buy from you if you deliver, but only if you deliver them fresh. That way, you'll get a lot more business.

If you'd like to get the best vehicle for your flower shop, then have a look at today. You'll get your flowers there cool and crisp.

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