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How To Harmonize The Colours Of Clothing And Fashion Accessories

Many women and men so often struggle to match colours, and we often agonise over combinations when it comes to looking our best. In situations such as job interviews, client meetings, contract pitches and networking, as well as weddings, parties and school events, it's essential for us to leave a pleasing impression with the people we meet; sometimes without their even realising what it was that gave such an impression.

Here's one way to help make the most of the myriad colours at your disposal.

Johannes Itten was a Swiss painter, writer and designer of the early 1900s, who is remembered as a leading theorist of colours.

According to Itten's colour wheel, colours diametrically opposed to each other actually 'attract', which means they turn out to be the best matched colours.

However, Itten's colour wheel is just one way to approach the grey area that is colour, and other designers and stylists have their own take on winning combinations.

There are also some simple rules to follow:

- Do not combine more than two or three colours, or you may complicate things. - Choose the primary colour combinations in your outfit, then play with a designer Italian handbag as an accessory. - Match the colour of the bag with the shoes without neglecting an Italian leather belt, adding jewellery that matches the colour of your bag or your shoes. - Make-up can match one element of your clothing or contrast completely, depending on whether you wish to be dramatic or professional.

Now, relax and allow us to take you on a trip through the World of Colour.

BLACK: It's not a colour; it's a religion. In actual fact, it's a tone. It's always in fashion and very elegant, with a streamlining effect for your silhouette. The advantage of black is that you can combine it with any other colour, bright or subtle, and it can always play a key role in your choice of accessories.

WHITE: As black, white is a tone rather than a colour and, as black, it goes with everything. It is pure and very feminine, but take care as it can highlight your silhouette in ways that do not always flatter.

BLUE: A colour that inspires peace ... serenity ... all quiet ... all right! It's the only colour that you may combine with its own nuances, from light summer sky to deep blue and even into the greener zone, with a deep teal, peacock or turquoise.

RED: The colour of passion and love means self-confidence. It is present in all seasons. Not all dare to wear it; yet it pairs well with dark shades. Avoid combinations with yellow or blue.

YELLOW: The colour of the sun, gold, light and energy. It's often used in the fashion world as a pick-me-up and a foil. And, as a bright colour, it goes well with light colours.

GREEN: The colour of hope and health. Unlike the blue palette, not all greens combine well with other greens. Green can be a difficult shade to wear, so check in the mirror that the colour isn't drawing away YOUR colour…

Next time, we'll talk about common colour combinations, their effect, and when to choose them.

Lily Agresti is a jewellery designer, having lived and worked in different European and Latin American countries. Over the last 10 years, she has developed her own hand-made jewellery collection.She is now the product manager of Bags and Arts Ltd. If you're looking for new trends or timeless collections of Italian leather bags for women and men, visit =>

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